Keysight 3562A

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Keysight 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer


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Status Discontinued
Alternative 35670A FFT Dynamic Signal Analyzer, DC-102.4 kHz
See also 3563A

The HP 3562A is a dual-channel, FFT-based network, spectrum, and waveform analyzer that provides analysis capabilities in both the time and frequency domains. The 0-to-100 kHz frequency range, 150 dB measurement range, and 80 dB dynamic range of the 3562A make it a powerful tool for testing and analysis in electronic, mechanical, and servo control system applications.

The analyser has a pair of differential input channels and a built-in signal source. Besides linear and logarithmic resolution measurement modes, the 3562A also provides swept sine measurements.

Gathered data can be manipulated into almost any format required through waveform math, frequency response systhesis, and curve fitting routines. The 3562A also directly drives HP-GL plotters without a controller. External disc drives can be driven for data and instrument state storage.

  • Frequency range: 64 uHz to 100 kHz, both channels single or dual channel operation
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.004% of frequency reading
  • Frequency resolution: Span/800, both channels, single or dual channel operation
  • Window functions: Hanning, flat top, uniform, force, exponential, and user-defined
  • Amplitude accuracy is defined as full-scale accuracy at any of the 801 calculated frequency points. Overall accuracy is the sum of absolute accuracy, window flatness, and noise level
  • Absolute amplitude accuracy (single channel):
    • +/- 0.15 dB +/-0.015 of input range (+27 dBV to -40 dBV)
    • +/- 0.25 dB +/-0.025 of input range (-41 dBV to -40 dBV)
  • Dynamic range: All distortion, spurious, and alias products >= 80 dB below full scale input range
  • Common mode rejection: 80 dB, 65 dB
  • Trigger modes: Free run, input channel 1, input channel 2, external trigger
  • Source output level: Between -10 Vpk and +10 Vpk
  • Source ac level: +/-5 Vpk


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