Keysight 4352B

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Keysight 4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date Nov-2004
Supported until Sep-2009
Alternative E5052B SSA Signal Source Analyzer, 10 MHz to 7 GHz, 26.5 GHz, or 110 GHz

The 4352S VCO/PLL signal test system is a simple configuration and multi-functional system that provides both comprehensive analyzing capabilities for designers and high test throughput for the production line. The 3 GHz standard system consists of only two instruments, the 4352B VCO/PLL signal analyzer and a signal generator controlled via GPIB. When the 43521A downconverter unit is added to the standard system, the system can achieve the same multi-function capability up to 12.6 GHz.

The system has two operating modes, “Signal Analyzer” and “VCO Tester” mode. The “Signal Analyzer” mode offers the following measurement functions.

  • RF power level versus dc control (tuning) voltage characteristic (VCO)
  • Frequency versus dc control (tuning) voltage characteristic (VCO)
  • Tuning sensitivity (VCO)
  • Phase noise
  • RF transient
  • Spectrum

In this mode, the 4352S gives you the trace curve of each parameter on the display with a single cabling hookup.

The “VCO Tester” mode offers the following parameters measurement capability.

  • RF power level
  • Frequency
  • Dc power current
  • FM deviation/Residual FM
  • Phase noise (Carrier-to-Noise ratio)

In this mode, a specified parameter is measured quickly with numeric annotation shown on the display.

These powerful measurement capabilities improve your test productivity. By saving test time, more comprehensive testing is possible and reduce instrument rack space.

The functions of the 4352B are activated by pressing either hardkeys or softkeys provided on the front panel of the instrument. The rear panel has input and output connector ports to control the analyzer from external equipment or to control external equipment from the analyzer.

4352B VCO/PLL Signal Analyzer Specifications:

  • Power supply Dc voltage level: 0 to +15.5 V (50 mA maximum)
  • Power supply Dc voltage resolution: 1 mV
  • Power supply Dc voltage accuracy: ±(0.2 % + 2 mV)
  • Power supply connector type: BNC (F)
  • 1 kHz signal source frequency: 1 kHz
  • 1 kHz signal source level: 0 to 1 Vrms (@ open load)
  • 1 kHz signal source level resolution: 1 mVrms
  • 1 kHz signal source connector type: BNC (F)
  • Receiver frequency range: 10 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Receiver input level: -10 to +20 dBm
  • Receiver connector type: N-type (F)
  • RF power input level: -10 to +20 dBm
  • RF power resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Number of measurement points per sweep (analyzer mode): 2 to 801 points
  • Cable loss compensation: The 4352B can compensate for the RF power level loss of the cable connecting the DUT output terminal and the 4352B RF IN connector when measuring RF power
  • Frequency resolution: 1 kHz
  • Offset frequency range: 100 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Spectrum span: 10 MHz (Maximum)
  • Spectrum resolution bandwidth: 1 Hz to 3 kHz (1, 3 step)
  • FM deviation measurement range: 2 kHz, 20 kHz, 200 kHz
  • FM deviation resolution: 4 digits
  • Dc power current range: 0 to 50 mA
  • 9 inch color LCD, built-in 3.5 inch flexible disk drive
  • Interfaces: 24-bit parallel digital I/O port, external input (LO IN), external trigger input, external program RUN/CONT input, external monitor output, printer (Centronics interface, HP PCL3 language), GPIB


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