Keysight 3499C

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Keysight 3499C 9/14-Slot Switch/Control Mainframe


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See also 3499A, 3499B

When you need a larger amount of switching in your test system or combined electronic and optical switching, the 9/14-slot 3499C mainframe will meet your needs. Requiring only 5U height in a full rack width configuration, it can route up to 360 channels of DC multiplexing or accommodate 4 to 6 of the 2-slot or 3-slot optical modules. With various switch modules, it can scan at rates up to 350 channels per second, or open/close 360 channels in less than 0.1 second.

Like the other two mainframes, it has a concise user interface that is extremely useful for manual operation on the manufacturing floor or in desktop applications. High-performance switching modules, multi-function modules, built-in relay cycle counters, and easy interconnections all contribute to a switching solution you can trust.

  • Nine module slots (1, 2, and 3 slot wide spaces) 
  • Memory: 3499A/B/C mainframe with Controller board 2.0 (Firmware REV 4.0 or later): Capable of storing 50 instrument setups and 10 errors in SCPI mode or 40 instrument setups and one error in 3488A mode
  • Relay Setting Time Automatically selected by the mainframe for each module
  • Trigger Source External trigger (real panel Mini-DIN connector); GPIB bus (GET,*TRG) or RS-232 (*TRG)
  • External Trigger Trigger pulse width: >2 μs; External trigger delay: <2ms
  • Built-in 4 digital I/O Input TTL compatible;Vo (L): <0.8 V @ Io = -100 mA; Vo (H): >2.4 V @ Io = 1 mA; Vout (H) ≤42 V
  • Scan Speed 350 chars/sec (equipped with N2266A)
  • Digital I/O Block Transfer Rate: 20 Kbytes/sec (long word)
  • Intuitive, self-guiding front panel interface
  • 5U rack height, full rack width
  • GPIB and RS-232 interfaces


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