Keysight 3326A

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Keysight 3326A Two-Channel Synthesizer


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The HP 3326A is a two-channel synthesizer, which combines two synthesizers into one instrument. It reduces the number of instruments required for complex signals while providing new high performance capabilities and measurement versatility. Microprocessor control of both synthesizers maintains simultaneous control of each source while simplifying operation. The microprocessor also provides internal and external calibration, coordinated sweeping of both outputs, and HP-IB capabilities.

  • Frequency range: DC to 13 MHz
  • Frequency resolution: 1 microHz below 100 kHz, 1 mHz at or above 100 kHz
  • AC amplitude range: 1 mV to 10 Vp-p
  • DC Offset range (as a function of a selected AC amplitude): +/-4.5 mV to +/-4.5 V 
  • Four modes of operation, which determine the relationship between the Channel A and B outputs:
    • Two-Channel - Channels A and B are independent
    • Two-Tone - Channel B frequency must be within 100 kHz of the Channel A frequency
    • Two-Phase - Channels A and B are the same frequency, with a calibrated phase difference between them
    • Pulse - Channel B is the complement of the Channel A output
  • Waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, and DC. You can independently select sine and square wave functions at the Channel A and B outputs in the Two-Channel, Two-Tone, and Two-Phase modes. A dc offset can be added to either of the outputs in any of these modes as well as the Pulse mode. (A dc offset is not allowed with the combiner.)
  • Modulation: AM and PM. You can apply simultaneous amplitude and phase modulation at each channel
    • Amplitude Modulation - Internal amplitude modulation is available in the Two-Channel mode on Channel A, while external amplitude modulation capability is provided in all modes and can be applied independently to each channel. With internal modulation, the Channel B signal functions as either a sine wave or square wave modulation source
    • Phase Modulation - Internal phase modulation is available in the Two-Channel mode on Channel A using Channel B as the modulation source. External phase modulation capabilities depend on the mode selected. In the Two-Channel mode, the user can externally phase-modulate either or both channels, while in the other modes, external phase modulation is possible only with Channel B. A unique synchronous phase modulation capability is available for both channels in the Two-Tone, Two-Phase, and Pulse modes
  • Frequency Sweep: The 3326A features phase continuous frequency sweep of both channels with the flexibility of two sweep types: Linear and Discrete
    • Linear Frequency Sweep - You can select the appropriate start and stop frequencies (or center frequency and span) in Linear Ramp mode to increase or decrease frequency of the sweep direction of either channel. A Triangular Sweep mode is also available for continuous up-down sweep
    • Discrete Frequency Sweep - This capability provides rapid switching from one frequency to another in a user-defined sequence of up to 63 pairs. For changes of less than 1 MHz, frequency switching takes place in typically 10 ms and linearly increases to typically 25 ms for changes of 1.0 MHz or greater
  • Option 002 high voltage output: Frequency range DC to 1 MHz, amplitude range 4 mV to 40 Vp-p
  • HP-IB interface


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