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Applications include LANs, On-Board Systems and Manufacturing QC. The general purpose 1503C Portable MTDR Cable Tester generates a 1/2 sine pulse, with selectable pulse widths of 2, 10, 100, or 1000 ns. The high-resolution 2 ns pulse permits the identification of multiple faults as close together as one foot. The 1000 ns pulse gives the 1503C a range of 5,000 to 50,000 feet (depending on cable type and condition). The ultra-high-resolution 1503C generates a 200 ps rise time step pulse and has an output impedance of 50-ohms. The fast rise time permits the identification of multiple faults as close together as 0.6 inches. For most TDR applications, where determining distance to an impedance change is the key measurement, the 1503C is the best choice. Options: 03 = Battery Pack 04 = YT1 chart recorder 06 = Live Ethernet testing



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Status Discontinued

 The Tektronix 1503C Metallic Time-Domain Reflectometer is a long range metallic cable tester capable of finding faults in metal cable. Tests can be made on coaxial cable, twisted pair, or parallel cable. The 1503C is sensitive to impedance changes. Problems in the cable will be detected and displayed as changes in impedance along the cable.

The 1503C is capable of finding shorts, opens, defects in the shield, foreign substances in the cable (for example, water), kinks, and more. Even though other instruments might show a cable as good, the 1503C can show many previously hidden faults.

Waveforms may be temporarily stored within the 1503C and recalled or may be printed using the optional dot matrix strip chart recorder, which installs into the front-panel Option Port.

The 1503C is a highly accurate cable tester. It is easy to use and will provide fast, accurate measurements.

  • Pulse width: 2 ns to 1000 ns
  • Pulse shape: 1/2 sine
  • Distance cursor resolution: 1/25 of 1 major division
  • Cursor readout range: –2 ft to >= 50,000 ft (–0.61 m to 15,230 m)
  • Cursor readout resolution: 0.04 ft
  • Horizontal range: 0 to 50,000 ft (0 to 10,000 m)
  • Operate from an AC power source or an internal lead-gel battery with a minimum of eight hours operating time


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