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The Model 7002 Switch System is a 10-slot mainframe that supports up to 400 2-pole multiplexer channels or 400 matrix crosspoints. The front panel includes a unique interactive display of channel status for quick programming. Scanning speeds of up to 165 channels per second are possible with the high density switch cards. The wide selection of more than 30 different switch cards makes the 7002 one of the most flexible switching mainframes available.

  • DC, RF, and optical switch capability
  • Switch a wide range of signals
  • Interactive channel status display
  • Optional light pen for front panel programming
  • Front panel Info key
  • Integrates easily with DMM and SourceMeter® instruments
  • Analog backplane
  • Up to 400 channels of 2-pole switching
  • 300 channel per second scanning
  • Full channel status display
  • Programmable channel closure restrictions
  • Built in scan control and trigger link 
  • 10 card slots
  • Supports more than 30 switch/control cards
  • Automatic card configuration
  • System
    • Capacity: 10 plug-in cards per mainframe
    • Memory: Battery backed-up storage for 500 switch patterns
    • Switch settling time: Automatically selected by the mainframe. For different switch cards, the 7002 will be set to the slowest relay settling time
    • Trigger sources: External, IEEE-488 bus, Trigger Link, Manual, Internal timer
    • Status output: Channel Ready, Low going pulse
    • Switching sequence: Break-before-make
    • Mainframe digital I/O: Four open collector outputs, one TTL compatible input, one common, one +5 V
    • Relay drive: 3.5 A maximum for all 10 card slots
  • Analog backplane
    • Signals: Four 3-pole rows that provide matrix and multiplexer expansion between cards withing one mainframe
    • Maximum voltage: 250 Vdc, 250 Vrms, 350 Vac peak, signal path to signal path or signal path to chassis
    • Maximum current: 1 A peak
    • Bandwidth: <3 dB loss at 100 MHz (50 Ω load)
  • All aspects of 7002 operation are available from the front panel or over the IEEE-bus interface. The 7002 conforms to IEEE-488.2 and the SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) command language protocol
    • Scan List
    • Scan Spacing
    • Channel Spacing
    • Number of Scans
    • Number of Channels
    • Trigger Source
    • Single Channel Mode
    • Channel Restrictions
    • Save Mainframe Configuration Setups
    • Digital I/O
    • Card Pair
    • Channel Delay
    • Number of Poles
    • Channel Pattern Memory

The Model 7002-HD switch mainframe and high density switch cards provide a cost-effective, high density switching solution in a half-rack, 2U enclosure. This combination of compact size and high switching density makes the Model 7002-HD system one of the best switching values in the test and measurement industry.

  • Cost-effective, high density switch mainframe and cards
  • High density, half-rack switching mainframe, just 2U (3.5 in) high
  • Differential 6x32 matrix card
  • Differential quad 1x40 multiplexer card
  • Analog backplane simplifies constructing larger matrix or multiplexer configurations
  • Designed for easy integration with Keithley DMMs or SourceMeter® instruments
  • 200V, 1A signal handling capacity
  • GPIB/IEEE-488 and Trigger Link interfaces


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