Keysight 8924C

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Keysight 8924C CDMA Mobile station test set


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  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 8924C Specs (651.4 KB)
Status Discontinued
See also 8924E

The Agilent Technologies 8924C CDMA mobile station test set provides the key set of measurements to manufacture high quality dual-mode CDMA mobile telephones in a single box. Acting as a calibrated, high-performance CDMA base station, the 8924C verifies not only the parametric performance, but also the functional aspects of phone performance. The 8924C is optimized to provide high accuracy measurements with the speed required for efficient manufacturing. These characteristics result in superior performing CDMA mobiles that cost less to manufacture. In addition to its CDMA functionality, the 8924C includes full AMPS, NAMPS, and TACS analog phone test capability. With the 8924C, you save space and cost by making both analog cellular and CDMA digital cellular measurements with the same box.

  • High accuracy and speed for manufacturing test
  • Analog and IS-95 CDMA digital phone test capability
  • Both functional and parametric phone testing
  • CDMA base station simulator
  • Hands-off verification
  • Authentication and short message service support (Korea and the United States)
  • Automated software for PoST and dual-mode mobile station testing
  • Spectrum analyzer, audio analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, tracking generator, and RF power analyzer
  • CDMA Mode specifications:
    • Protocol Stack: J-STD-008, KOR PCS, ARIB T-53, IS-95, IS-95A, TSB-74
    • Channel Standards: MS AMPS, US PCS, Korean PCS 0, Korean PCS 1, Japan CDMA, MS NAMPS Upper/Middle/ Lower, MS TACS, MS ETACS, MS NTACS, MS JTACS, and User Defined (PCS bands require the 83236B PCS Interface)
    • Base Station Parameters: NID, SID, BASE_ID, Country Code, Network Code, SRCH_WIN_A, SRCH_WIN_N, SRCH_WIN_R, CDG Esc Mode on/off, Register SID, Register NID, and Power-On Registration on/off
    • Paging Channel Parameters: Paging Data Rate (full or half rate), NUM_PAGES
    • Threshold Parameters: T_ADD, T_DROP, T_COMP, and T_TDROP


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