Anritsu MW82119A-0190

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Anritsu MW82119A-0190

1900 MHz PIM Master

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Product Overview

The Anritsu MW82119A 0190 is a 40 watts battery operated Passive Intermodulation Analyzer. It is extremely adept at measuring and testing Passive Intermodulation (PIM) in typically linear, passive components such as filters, cables, antennas, and connectors. The Anritsu PIM Master accurately measures PIM performance and can be used to measure PIM vs. time, swept PIM, Distance-To-PIM, and Noise Floor vs. time. Here are some features of the Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A Battery-operated, High Power Portable, Passive Intermodulation Analyzer:

  • Small Size: 350 mm x 314 mm x 152 mm (13.8 in x 12.4 in x 6.0 in)
  • Lightweight: 9.0 kg to 12.2 kg (20 lb. to 27 lb.) depending on frequency band
  • Battery Operated: 12V Li-Ion battery
  • 25 dBm (0.3 Watt) to 46 dBm (40 Watt) output power

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Base Model


PCS 1900 MHz


Transit Case


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