Keysight 3708A

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Keysight 3708A Noise Interference Test Set


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Status Discontinued

The 3708A Noise and Interference Test Set offers an accurate, yet simple, method of simulating flat-fade conditions on a digital or FM microwave radio. It lets you inject noise of known spectral density into the IF section of a microwave radio link receiver to establish a demanded carrier-to-noise ratio. The radio IF carrier power is sampled by the 3708A at the point of noise injection and the noise density adjusted automatically to maintain a constant carrier-to-noise ratio in the presence of receiver carrier level variations.

  • Highly accurate wideband noise source covers all common microwave link IFs
  • Tracking mode maintains constant C/N ratio under carrier fading conditions
  • Broadband interference facility, with or without noise injection, stresses the radio deterministically
  • TRMS IF power meter
  • High stability 0 dBm reference tone (can be used as interferer)
  • Direct noise bandwidth measurement
  • Entry is unit of C/N0, Eb/N0, or C/N (C/N in user-defined bandwidth)
  • Fully programmable via the HP-IB interface
  • C/N and C/I measurement modes:
    • C/N ratio: Overall range -10 to 60 dB, accuracy better than 0.1 dB, response time typically 10 ms
    • C/I ratio: Inputs 10 to 200 MHz range, overall range: -10 to 60 dB, accuracy typically better than 0.1 dB
    • I input: Provides accurate C/I ratios to simulate interference conditions, valid interferer input power: Typically -29 dBm
    • Auxiliary I input: Provides a fixed-loss path to the IF output. Mixes an interferer with C/N rations to provide C/(N+I) ratios
    • Carrier Path: Gain 0 ±0.4 dB (typically 0 ±0.1 dB), Group delay: 0.2 ns, 3rd order intercept point typically +29 dBm
  • Noise generation level range N: +6 to -80 dBm
  • Power measurement (at power meter input):
    • Measurement range: + 6 to -55 dBm
    • Resolution: 0.01 dB
  • Reference tone output:
    • 70/140 MHz crystal-controlled oscillator
    • Level: Factory set to 0 dBm
    • Harmonic content: <-25 dBc
  • Insertion loss measurement:
    • Range: 35 dB to -5 dB
    • Accuracy: ±0.2 dB at 70 or 140 MHz
  • Noise bandwidth measurement:
    • Range: Function of insertion loss and filter bandwidth
    • Accuracy: ±0.4 dB  


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