Idacom PT500

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Idacom   IDACOM PT500 Stimulus and Response Protocol TesterStimulus-and-Response Protocol Tester (WAN, ISDN, T1, E1) * Dedicated High-Performance Protocol Tester * Monitor and emulate communications protocols * SDL-oriented Test Manager * Multiport Testing * Can be configured with 1 to 4 WAN ports * Single and dual T1/E1 ports * Single and dual ISDN BRA S/T ports * Combinations of all of the above * Powerful Multiprocessor Architecture * 1.1 GB hard drive and 1 or 2 x 2DD/2HD floppy disk drives * 6 to 14 MB of RAM memory * Remote Control Saves Travelling * Automates testing through external programs for unattended operation * Supports All Major WAN Physical and Electrical Interfaces * Supports RS-232, V.35, V.36 (RS-449), V.11 (RS-422), RJ45 and RJ48 * Supports ISDN BRA R and S/T reference points * Supports three T1 and three E1 framing formats * Simultaneous Access to All Channels * ISDN BRA 2B+D channels * T1/E1 4 x DS0 or fractional channels * T1/E1 subrates from 8 to 56 kbps/channel * T1 access to FDL * Applications Available on All Channels * BSC 3270 and SDLC/SNA * X.25, X.29, and X.75 * Q.921, Q.931, Q.933, FRF.4 and ARINC746 * SS7 ITU-T, ANSI, Bellcore with Level 2/3, SCCP, TUP



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