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Test & Measurement General Lab

Semi & PCB

Used-Line has divided its listings into three “Super Categories”, which reflect the three equipment verticals that sellers and buyers of new and used test, lab, and semiconductor equipment advertise and look for on the site. This page lists the 60 categories of the Semiconductor and PCB Super Category, which specializes in semiconductor test systems and in new and used PCB and SMT equipment. Example categories are Clean Room Equipment, Semiconductor Test Systems, Semi Inspection Systems, Aligner Systems, Evaporators, Coaters & Developers, Dispensing Systems, Leak Detectors, Soldering Equipment and Bonders. You can begin your browsing from this page. Or, if you know the exact model number of the tool, device, or system you need, you can search for it in the text box on the right side of the menu bar above.
Image of new or used semiconductor & PCB equipment: Dicing Saw

Dicing Saws

Image of new or used semiconductor & PCB equipment: Sputtering System

Sputtering Systems

Image of new or used semi & PCB equipment: Mask Aligner

Mask Aligners

Image of new or used Semi and PCB equipment: Deposition System

Deposition systems