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Test & Measurement

General Lab Semi & PCB
Used-Line brings you new and used test equipment, lab equipment, and semiconductor equipment on this page – representing all three of Used-Line’s “Super Categories”. Jump from tab to tab to browse anything from impedance meters to HPLC pumps. The Test & Measurement Super Category offers new and used electronics test equipment, tools, devices, and systems within thousands of listings. You can browse more than 70 main categories, such as Power Supplies, Generators, Meters, Oscilloscopes, Analyzers, Coaxial Hardware, Analyzers Spectrum, Calibrators, Standards, Amplifiers, Analyzers Network, and hundreds of subcategories. Or, if you prefer, search for a specific model or category in the text box that is shown near the top of every page on Used-Line.
Image of new or used test equipment: Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Analyzers

Image of new or used test equipment: Oscilloscope


Image of new or used test equipment: OTDR


Image of new or used test equipment: Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzers