Fluke - 5720A-03 Multifunction

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Fluke - 5720A-03 Multifunction Calibrator Unit

Multifunction Calibrator

Unit comes with Wideband Option (03)

The Fluke 5720A is a Multifunction Calibrator (five-function calibrator) designed to address the most demanding electrical calibration workload. It sources direct and alternating voltage and current and resistance. A wideband voltage option extends overall ac bandwidth to 10 Hz to 30 MHz to cover to RF voltmeters. It is compatible with the 5725A Boost Amplifier, the 52120 Transconductance Amplifier, and 5205A/5215A amplifiers. The 5720A can be automated with MET/CAL Plus calibration software. The 5720A delivers high value as well as accuracy covering 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 digit dmms.

Voltage DC range: 0 to +/- 1100 V

Best 1 year specification: +/- 3.5 ppm of setting

Voltage AC range: 220 mV to 1100 V 10 Hz to 1 MHz:

Best 1 year specification: +/- 45.0 ppm of setting

Resistance range: 0 to 100 Mohms (18 values in x1 and x1.9):

Best 1 year specification: 8.5 ppm

Current DC range: 0 to +/- 2.2 A (11A with 5725A)

Best 1 year specification: +/- 35 ppm of setting

Current AC range: 9 µA to 2.2A (11A with 5725A) 10 Hz to 10 kHz:

Best 1 year specification: +/- 120 ppm of setting

Wideband AC voltage (optional):

Range: 300 µV to 3.5 V 10 Hz to 30 MHz:

Best 1 year specification: +/- 0.4% of setting

Standard Interfaces: GPIB, RS232

€ 42,000 $50,400 (US)


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See also 5700A

The 5700A and 5720A are five-function calibrators designed to address the most demanding electrical calibration workload. They source direct and alternating voltage and current and resistance. A wideband voltage option extends overall ac bandwidth to 10 Hz to 30 MHz. Both are compatible with the 5725A, and 5205A/5215A amplifiers. Since its introduction in 1988, the 5700A has earned a worldwide reputation for performance, dependability and quality, and as a result it is the calibrator of choice throughout government and industry. Today, the 5720A offers even more. In addition to the dependability, simplified calibration, ease-of-use and worldwide support that has made the 5700A number one, the 5720A offers uncertainty specifications that rival anything available today. Customers can get all the performance they need to calibrate their most demanding workload of multimeters up to 8 1/2 digits quickly, easily and reliably. This improvement in performance results from factory testing to even tighter tolerances, and from a variety of hardware and firmware improvements.

In service since 1988, the 5700A has undergone continuous improvements to become the 5700A Series II, one of the most tested and reliable high precision calibrators Fluke has ever produced. Considered the calibration standard worldwide, the 5700A delivers high value as well as accuracy covering 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 digit dmms. Plus it offers the same ease of use, low cost of ownership, rugged design, simplified support and confidence building features as the 5720A.

Specifications for both the 5700A and 5720A are stated with a choice of confidence levels. Now, you can use the conservative 99% specifications that Fluke traditionally publishes, or more aggressive 95% specifications recommended in many international procedures. In addition to allowing you to trade a small amount of risk for better performance, 95% confidence level specifications allow easier measurement intercomparisons. Both specifications are available at a press of the SPEC key for any output.

Both the 5700A and the 5720A feature Artifact Calibration. Only three artifact standards -- a 10V dc reference and 1Ω and 10 kΩ resistance references are required to calibrate all ranges and functions to full specifications. Front panel instructions prompt the operator to make connections and inputs each step of the way. The calibrator controls the process, which takes only about an hour, compared to several hours using traditional methods.

During the process, assigned values of an external artifact are transferred to a large array of multidimensional parameters within the 5720A. The calibrator takes over the manual metrology functions of establishing ratios and making comparisons, as well as controlling the measurement process.

To assure confidence, the 5700A and 5720A can check themselves against their own internal standards to assure everything is working as expected. Those results can be printed out or downloaded to a computer.

The 5720 and 5700 calibrators can increase their performance with the use of the 5725 boost amplifier. The 5725A Amplifier increases maximum direct and alternating current to 11A for calibrating the high current ranges of popular low-cost, handheld DMMs. It also extends the calibrator’s alternating Volt-Hertz product to 1100V at 30 kHz and 750V at 100 kHz to cover the calibration requirements of high accuracy bench and system meters.


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