Agilent HP 8492A-050

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HP/KEYSIGHT 8492A-050 50 dB Attenuator, DC-18 GHz, 2 Watts, APC7

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(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 8492A Specs (241.6 KB)
Status Discontinued
Alternative 8491B Coaxial Fixed Attenuator, DC to 18 GHz
See also 8491C

The Agilent 8492A coaxial fixed attenuator provides precision attenuation, flat frequency response and low SWR over broad frequency ranges. The attenuator is available in nominal attenuations of 3 dB and 6 dB, as well as 10 dB increments from 10 dB to 60 dB. This attenuator is swept-frequency tested to ensure specification compliance at all frequencies. Calibration points are provided on a nameplate chart attached to each unit.

  • High accuracy
  • Low SWR
  • Broadband frequency coverage: dc to 18 GHz
  • Maximum input power: 2 W average, 100 W peak
  • APC-7 connectors
  • Small size


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