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Keysight (Agilent/HP) 8349A Microwave Amplifier Designed for maximum reliability and...

Microwave Amplifier

Designed for maximum reliability and configured for the greatest convenience in interfacing
microwave sources such as sweepers and signal generators
Providing 100 mW (+20 dBm) of unleveled power output from 2 to 18.6 GHz,
50 mW (+17 dBm) from 18.6 to 20.0 GHz
Offers one of the broadest operating bandwidths available from a solid-state power amplifier
Performance is achieved by using a GaAs FET design of multiple stages
Stages provide 15 dB of gain up to 18.6 GHz while maintaining a very low noise figure of 13 dB
Power flatness is ± 1.25 dB
Harmonics at +20 dBm output is -30 dBm from 11 to 20 GHz typical
1 dB compression point is +21 dB and maximum input is +27 dBm
Input and output impedance's are 50-ohms with an input SWR of less than 2.8


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Status Discontinued
Alternative The 8349B Microwave Amplifier, 2 to 20 GHz, now obsolete, was the 8349A replacement product.

The HP 8349A microwave amplifier delivers microwave power across a 2 to 20 GHz frequency range. This general purpose broadband power amplifier is designed for maximum reliability and configured for the greatest convenience for interfacing with HP microwave sources, such as the 8350 or 8620C sweep oscillators, the 8340A/8341A synthesized sweepers, and the 8672A or 8673 synthesized signal generators.

The 8349A provides 100 mW (+20 dBm) of unleveled output power and 80 mW (+19 dBm) of leveled power from 2 to 18.6 GHz (typically to 20 GHz). This performance is achieved using a GaAs FET design of multiple stages. This design provides more than 15 dB of gain over the full 2 to 20 GHz range.

Externally leveled output power can also be provided by the 8349A without using an external coupler and detector because these external leveling components are built in and are compatible with HP microwave sources. The 8349A is also equipped with an output power display. This display minimizes the need for an external power meter. The power control features of the microwave source can be accurately transmitted through the 8349A during external leveling operations.

  • Continuous 2 to 20 GHz coverage
  • 15 dB gain
  • <13 dB typical noise figure
  • Minimum output power (leveled): 19 dBm (80 mW)
  • Power flatness (leveled): ±1.25 dB
  • 1 dB compression point: +21 dBm, nominal
  • SWR: Input ≤2.8, leveled output ≤2.5
  • Maximum continuous input, to the input or output ports: +27 dBm (RF), ±10 V
  • Harmonics: -30 dBc to -20 dBc
  • Non-harmonic spurious: ≤-55 dBc
  • Third order intercept: +33 dBm, nominal
  • Pulse rise/fall time: <10 ns (typical)
  • Delay time (input to output): <8 ns (typical)
  • Connector: Type N female


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