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Voltech PM100 (Single-Phase Power Analyzers) Main Features and Specifications

Voltech PM100

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Input Channels  3  
Instrument Type  Portable  
Interfaces  RS-232, GPIB, Chart recorder, Alarm  
Operation Modes  Meter, Recorder  
Measurements  Watts, V, A, VA, VAR, Power Factor, Cosf, Vpk, Apk, Crest Factor (CF), requency, Harmonics, A (incl. phase) and W to the 50th Total Harmonic Distortion  
Status Discontinued

A versatile bench-top power analyzer, ideal for the measurement of watts, volts, amps, power factor, harmonics, distortion and Wh in the design, development and production testing of electrical and electronic goods.
Using the proven technology of the world-leading Voltech range, this single-phase power analyzer provides precision bench-top measurements for the price of a portable meter!

  • Watts, Volts, Amps, VA, VAr, PF, cos phi, Vrms, Vpeak, Vcf, Arms, A peak, Acf, Frequency
  • THD, voltage, current and power harmonics
  • Programmable for watt-hour, ampere-hour and other integrator measurements
  • Special modes for Inrush Current and low power (including Energy Star) measurements
  • Available with IEEE488 or RS232 communications interfaces installed