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ESI SR1010 $590
ESI (Electro Scientific Industries) SR1010-1 Decade Resistor Call
The SR1010-100 is a decade resistor from ESI . A decade resistor is a Call
ESI SR1010 1 KOHMS / STEP Call

ESI SR1010 Main Features and Specifications

ESI SR1010

  ESI SR1010 Specs (247.5 KB)
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The esi SR1010 transfer standards consist of 12 equal resistance steps. These steps are available in increments of 1Ω (SR1010-1), 10Ω (SR1010-10), 100Ω (SR1010-100), 1kΩ (SR1010-1k), 10kΩ (SR1010-10k) and 100kΩ (SR1010-100k). The esi SR1010 provides four-terminal connections for each step or for series and parallel combinations of these resistance steps using the optional Series-Parallel (SPC102), Parallel Compensation Networks (PC101) and shorting bars (SB103).

The SR1010 meets or exceeds all of the requirements for resistance transfer standards in precision measurement applications. It is easily configured to transfer resistances up or down a decade from their initial resistance value. When used with the connecting networks and shorting bars, it provides 1 ppm transfer accuracies.

Each transfer standard contains twelve equal value precision resistors connected in series by specially designed true 4-terminal junctions. These special junctions assure that a 4-terminal measurement of a series of resistors agrees with the sums of the individual resistors in the series. Accurate parallel connections can be made with the Parallel Compensation Network and the Shorting Bars connected to the junctions.

These standards can be connected to provide three decade values: 10 resistors in series, 10R: 9 resistors in series—parallel, 1R: and 10 resistors in parallel, R/10. The part per million accuracy is assured as the series value is equal to 100 times the parallel value to better than 1 ppm. The series—parallel value relative to either the series value or the parallel value can be found to better than 1 ppm by making a 1:1 comparison with the remaining tenth resistor and a simple calculation.

The accuracy and precision of the individual resistors also make the esi SR1010 transfer standards ideal for use as amulti-value standard resistor or reference voltage divider.

The SR101 low resistance transfer standards improve power dissipation, stability and errors due to variance in temperature.

  • Initial Accuracy: ± 20PPM of nominal value matched within 10PPM
  • Transfer Accuracy: ± (1PPM + 0.1µΩ at parallel value) for 100:1
  • Transfer Accuracy: ± (1PPM + 1µΩ at series parallel value) for 10:1
  • Long Term Accuracy: ± 50PPM of nominal value
  • Calibration Accuracy: ± 10PPM

[Note: TEGAM acquired the impedance and resistance product lines from ESI in 1993. IET Labs acquired this line from TEGAM in 2007. ET continues to produce the SR1010 to the same exacting specs as esi/Tegam.]