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The TLA5204B is a 136 channel Logic Analyzer from Tektronix. A logic Call
Tektronix TLA5204B Call
Tektronix TLA5204B Opt.8S TLA5000B Series logic analyzers combine deb Call
Tektronix TLA5204B 136 channels (4 are clock channels) Call

Tektronix TLA5204B (TLA5000B Series) Main Features and Specifications

Tektronix TLA5204B

  Tektronix TLA5204B Specs (187 KB)
Instrument Type  Benchtop portable  
Max. Channels Number  136  
Max. State Speed  235.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  2.0 GHz 
Memory Depth  2 MB  
Options  1C: ext. scope cable kit, 8S: 8 MB record length, 9S: 32 MB record length, service and language options  
Status -
Launch Date 2006
See also TLA5201B , TLA5202B , TLA5203B , TLA5201B Opt.8S , TLA5201B Opt.9S , TLA5202B Opt.8S , TLA5202B Opt.9S , TLA5203B Opt.8S , TLA5203B Opt.9S , TLA5204B Opt.8S , TLA5204B Opt.9S

TLA5000B Series logic analyzers combine debug power with simplicity and affordability.

The affordable TLA5000B Series logic analyzers make high-speed timing resolution, fast state acquisition, long record length, and sophisticated triggering available to any digital designer who needs to identify initialization failures, operation crashes and intermittent operation. For first-time as well as experienced logic analyzer users, the TLA5000B Series is ideal for single-bus timing and state analysis. An intuitive user interface, familiar Windows-based desktop and OpenChoice® networking and analysis features make the TLA5000B Series logic analyzers easy to network into your design environment.

500 ps timing resolution and 128 Mb record length with simultaneous 125 ps MagniVu timing resolution within each acquisition means you can measure digital signal timing on increasingly faster signals with confidence. With MagniVu timing resolution, find difficult problems such as digital logic errors, glitches, setup/hold violations, and crosstalk quickly. Use setup/hold violation triggering and display to validate setup/hold performance of digital devices.

Today, most designs can have both digital and analog anomalies. With iView™ time-correlated digital-analog view, you’ll clearly see how analog anomalies are affecting your digital signals—right on your logic analyzer display.

  • 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb timing record length to capture intermittent events over a wide time window
  • 125 ps-resolution MagniVu™ acquisition simultaneous with timing or state acquisition to find elusive timing problems quickly, without double probing
  • Glitch and setup/hold violation triggering and display to find and display elusive hardware problems
  • Drag-and-drop triggers simplify the task of isolating problems and data of interest
  • 235 MHz state acquisition provides analysis of high-speed synchronous digital circuits
  • iView™ time-correlated digital-analog view to clearly see how analog anomalies are affecting your digital signals
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional PC controller provides familiar user interface with network connectivity
  • Automated measurements ensure faster setup and analysis for common tasks in drag-and-drop categories such as Time, Count, Minimum/Maximum, and Jitter