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Status Discontinued
Alternative 16900 Series Modular Logic Analysis System
See also 16516A

The HP 16515A and 16516A modules are high speed timing analyzers with up to 1 GHz sample rates. They plugs into the 16500A Logic Analysis System mainframe. The 16515A is the master card, offering the user a 1 GHz sample rate on 16 channels with 8k of memory per channel. The 16516A expansion card offers an additional 16 channels for a maximum of 32 channels per module set, or 80 channels per 16500A with the appropriate combination of 16515A and 16516A cards.


  • 1 GHz sample rate
  • 1 ns single-shot resolution
  • 8k memory depth
  • 16 channels per 16515A master
  • 16 channels per 16516A expansion
  • Up to 32 channels per module set
  • Up to 80 channels per 16500 mainframe
  • Time correlated measurements between modules using the intermodule bus
  • Easy setup with full color touch screen or mouse
  • Lightweight passive probes
  • ECL and TTL presets
  • Pattern and edge triggering
  • Time measurement between X and O markers
  • Automatic pattern search
  • Statistical time interval analysis
  • Delayed trigger
  • Store and recall configurations for fast setup
  • Print menus and waveform data for accurate documentation


  • Probes
    • Minimum swing: 500 mVp-p
    • Dynamic range: ±7.0 V
    • Input RC: 10 kΩ ±2% shunted by ~3 pF at the probe tip
    • Minimum input overdrive: 250 mV or 30% of the input amplitude, whichever is greater, above the pod threshold
    • Maximum input voltage: ±40 V
    • Threshold range: -3.5 to +5 V (Threshold levels may be defined for each pod individually)
    • TTL threshold preset: +1.5 V
    • ECL threshold preset: -1.3 V
  • Acquisition
    • Memory depth: 8192 samples/ch
    • Data channels: 2 eight-channel pods, 4 eight-channel pods
    • Sample period: 1 ns to 1.6 ms depending on seconds per division and delay settings
  • Data display and entry
    • Labels: Up to 20 labels, with up to 32 channels per label
    • Bases: Binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, ASCII (only display), user-defined symbols
  • Waveform display
    • Sec/div: 1 ns to 1 s adjustable, 3-digit resolution
    • Delay: -12.5 s to +53.5 ks
    • Maximum number of displayed waveforms: 24


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