Agilent HP U4154A

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Agilent / Keysight U4154A U4154A Logic Analyzer Module

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U4154A 4 Gb/s AXIe-based Logic Analyzer Module


State analysis (synchronous sampling)
  • Up to 200M deep.
  • Two data rate options: 4Gb/s on 68 ch with 2.5Gb/s on 132 ch, or 2.8Gb/s on 68 ch with 1.4Gb/s on 132 ch
  • Reliable measurements on eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV
Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)
  •  Up to 200 ps (5 GHz), 400 M sample deep conventional and transitonal timing analysis (2.5 GHz full-channel / 5 GHz half-channel)
  • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) TimingZoom with 256 K memory



(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) U4154A Specs (941 KB)
Instrument Type  Module  
Max. Channels Number  136  
Max. State Speed  2.5 GHz 
Max. Timing Speed  2.5 GHz 
Memory Depth  256 Ksamples (nominal, TimingZoom)  
Options  Memory depths: 2M, 4 M, 16 M, 32 M, 64 M, 128 M, 200 M  
Status -
Launch Date Mar-2011

The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module provides reliable measurements on high-speed digital systems operating up to 4 Gb/s with eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV. 12.5 GHz Timing Zoom with 256K sample memory gives you simultaneous state and high-resolution timing measurements covering a time span of 20 µs. Eye scan provides an overview of signal integrity information on all channels in a matter of minutes. 200 M samples of available memory ensure you capture enough system activity to troubleshoot complex systems.

  • State analysis (synchronous sampling)
    • Data rates up to 4 Gb/s address all DDR memory speeds
    • Automated threshold/sample position setup for accurate measurements on high-speed buses; thresholds are adjustable on a per-channel basis
    • Reliable measurements with eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV
    • Simultaneous eye diagrams on all channels identify problem signals quickly
  • Timing analysis (asynchronous sampling)
    • Up to 200 ps (5 GHz), 400 M sample deep conventional timing analysis (2.5 GHz full-channel / 5 GHz half-channel)
    • 2.5 GHz transitional timing
    • 12.5 GHz (80 ps) TimingZoom with 256 K memory
  • 136 channels per module, combine up to 2 modules for 272 channels on a single time base and trigger recognizer
  • Optional memory depths: 2M, 4 M, 16 M, 32 M, 64 M, 128 M, 200 M
  • Compatible with 90-pin logic analyzer probes (probes ordered separately)
  • Can be combined with 16902B logic analyzer mainframes in a Multiframe configuration
  • 2.5 GHz trigger sequencer enables reliable trigger and capture of DDR3 2133 signals at speed
  • Comprehensive single-ended and differential signal support, adjustable threshold


  • State (synchronous) sampling mode
    • Maximum state data rate: 2.5 Gb/s on 136 channels per U4145A, using either or both edges of clock; 4 Gb/s on 68 channels per U4165A, using both edges of clock
    • Typical maximum state clock frequency: 2.5 GHz
    • Typical minimum state clock frequency: 12.5 MHz - single edge, 6.25 MHz - both edges
    • Typical sample position adjustment resolution: 5 ps
    • Typical minimum data valid window: 100 ps
    • Typical minimum setup time: 50 ps
    • Typical minimum hold time: 50 ps
    • Typical minimum eye height: 100 mV
    • Typical sample position adjustment range: 7 ns
    • Typical minimum state clock pulse width: 200 ps
    • Nominal number of clocks: 1
    • Typical minimum time between active clock edges: 400 ps
    • Typical maximum time between active clock edges: 80 ns
    • Nominal number of clock qualifiers: 4
    • Typical clock qualifier setup time: 100 ps
    • Typical clock qualifier hold time: 100 ps
    • Typical time tag resolution: 80 ps
    • Typical maximum time count between stored states: 66 days
  • Timing (asynchronous) sampling mode
    • Nominal maximum sample rate: 5 GHz in half-channel mode, 2.5 GHz in full-channel mode
    • Nominal minimum sample period: 200 ps in half-channel mode, 400 ps in full-channel mode
    • Number of channels: One U4154A - 68 in half-channel mode, 136 in full-channel mode; Two U4154As - 136 in half-channel mode, 272 in full-channel mode
    • Nominal pod usage: 1 pod from each odd/even pair, user selectable in half-channel mode, all pods in full-channel mode
    • Nominal TimingZoom sampling rate: 12.5 GHz
    • Nominal TimingZoom memory depth: 256 Ksamples
    • Nominal maximum time between transitions: 66 days
    • Typical minimum data pulse width: 1 sample period + 200 ps
  • Triggering
    • Typical maximum trigger sequence speed: 2500 MHz (400 ps)
    • Nominal trigger resources: 16 patterns evaluated as =, !=, >, ≥, <, ≤; 8 double-bounded ranges evaluated as in range, not in range; 4 to 8 burst detectors; 4 edge detectors in timing, 3 in transitional timing; 1 occurrence counter per sequence level; 1 timer; 3 flags; 1 arm in
    • Nominal trigger resource Boolean conditions: Arbitrary Boolean combinations
    • Nominal trigger actions: Goto; Trigger and fill memory; Trigger and Goto; Trigger, send email, and fill memory
    • Timer actions: Start from reset, Stop and reset, Pause, Resume
    • Flag actions: Set, Clear, Pulse set, Pulse clear
    • Nominal maximum trigger sequence levels; 8
    • Nominal trigger sequence level branching: Arbitrary 4-way if/then/else
    • Nominal trigger position: Start, center, end, or user-defined
    • Nominal maximum occurrence counter: 999,999,999
    • Nominal maximum pattern width: 128 bits - single label; 272 bits - AND of multiple labels across two-card set
    • Nominal maximum range width: 64 bits
    • Nominal timer range: 100 ns to 27 hours in timing modes; 200 * state clock period to 27 hours in state mode
    • Nominal timer resolution: 5 ns
    • Nominal timer reset latency: 40 ns in timing modes; 80 * state clock period in state mode


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