Keysight 1672D

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Keysight 1672D 68 Channel Benchtop Logic Analyzer


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 1672D Specs (64.8 KB)
Status Discontinued
Supported until Feb-1999
Alternative 16800 Series Portable Logic Analyzer
See also 1670D, 1671D

The 1672D is a 68-channel 100 MHz State / 250 MHz timing deep memory logic analyzer.

Identifying the cause of problems in embedded microprocessor system designs can be difficult. This benchtop logic analyzer has 68 channels to help the embedded system design team find hardware and software defects quickly.

With 64K of acquisition memory (1M optional) this logic analyzer is the first benchtop logic analyzer that lets you view processor mnemonics and verify critical hardware timing relationships over a long period of time.

  • Maximum state clock rate: 100 MHz
  • State clocks/qualifiers: 4
  • Maximum conventional timing rate: 125 MHz full channel, 250 MHz half channel
  • Channel count: 68 full channel count, 34 half channel count
  • Memory depth per channel: 64K per channel, 128K in timing half-channel mode (1 M per channel optional memory, 2 M in timing half-channel mode)
  • Mass storage is provided by internal hard drive
  • 3.5-inch high-density flexible disk drive supports both DOS and LIF formats
  • LAN interface includes both 10Base-T and 10Base-2 connectors
  • Store data as ASCII files and screen images in TIFF, PCX, and EPS (encapsulated PostScript™ - from Adobe) formats
  • New graphical trigger macros make trigger setup easier
  • Centronics, RS-232, HP-IB, and LAN communication ports (all standard) make connecting to other devices easier than ever
  • The HP 1670-series operating system includes System Performance Analysis (SPA). SPA provides state histograms, state overview, and time interval analysis
  • The HP E2450A Symbolic Download Utility is included with the HP 1670-series. This utility provides the capability to extract symbolic information from popular object module formats


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