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  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 16500C Specs (644.7 KB)
Status Discontinued
Launch Date Aug-1996
Alternative 16900 Series Modular Logic Analysis System
See also 16501A, 16505A

The HP 16500C is a mainframe of the HP Logic Analysis System. It offers a modular structure for plug-in cards with a wide range of state, timing, oscilloscope, and pattern generator capabilities. This allows the user to configure the system with only the necessary modules for a particular application.

When the instrument is powered up, pre-determined values are automatically assigned to the different fields of the menus to configure the instrument for basic measurements. This allows you to make a basic measurement by turning on the instrument, connecting the probes, and touching the Run field. Often only minor changes are needed for more complex measurements.

With the intermodule capabilities of the Logic Analysis System, you can make interactive measurements between modules. This allows you to configure modules to interact with each other using the triggering capabilities of one module and the acquisition capabilities of another.

The LAN interface provides direct connection to computers located on an Ethernet local area network (LAN). The LAN interface enables you to upload measurement data for post-processing and easy access to data files.

  • Modular mainframe with five module slots
  • General purpose state and timing analysis:
    • 100-MHz state analysis
    • 500-MHz timing analysis, 250-MHz transitional timing analysis
    • Memory depth up to 8 Ksamples (half-channel mode), 4 Ksamples at full channel count
    • Up to 1020 channels in one 16500 system
    • Up to 204 channels on one time base and trigger
  • Deep memory state and timing analysis:
    • Memory depth up to 4 Msamples (half-channel mode, timing only), 2 Msamples at full channel count
    • Up to 110-MHz state analysis
    • Up to 500-MHz timing analysis
    • Up to 680 channels in one 16500 system
    • Up to 340 channels on one time base and trigger
  • High speed timing and synchronous state analysis:
    • Up to 4-GSa/s timing analysis
    • Synchronous state analysis up to 1-GHz external clock speed
    • Up to 131,072 sample memory depth (half-channel mode)
    • Up to 160 channels in one system
    • Up to 80 channels on one time base and trigger
  • Pattern generation:
    • Up to 200 Mvectors/second
    • Up to 400 channels in one HP 16500 system
    • Up to 200 channels in one synchronized pattern generator system
    • 258,048-vector memory depth
  • Oscilloscope:
    • Up to 200 Mvectors/second
    • Up to 400 channels in one HP 16500 system
    • Up to 200 channels in one synchronized pattern generator system
    • 258,048-vector memory depth
  • 9-inch color screen
  • Touchscreen with on/off control
  • Battery-backed real-time clock
  • Programmable PORT IN and PORT OUT voltage level and edge selection
  • 3.5-inch flexible disk drive with DOS and LIF format support
  • 540 Mbyte hard disk drive with DOS format support
  • Standard RAM memory: 8 MB
  • Intermodule triggering and 2-nanosecond time correlation of acquired data
  • HP-IB, RS-232-C, parallel printer, LAN, and HP 16505 interfaces
  • Supported protocols: TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, SNMP
  • Support for X Windows 
  • NFS server
  • Physical connectors: RJ-45 for 10Base-T, BNC for 10Base2
  • Target control
  • Options:
    • The HP 16501 is the add-on mainframe for expanding the module capacity of the HP 16500C. When the HP 16501 is connected to the HP 16500C, they function as a single ten-module system which is turned on and controlled by the HP 16500C. The HP 16501 forms a tightly coupled system with the HP 16500C, permitting each of the two mainframes to arm or trigger any module from any other module
    • The HP 16505 Prototype Analyzer acts as an analysis and display processor for the system. It works in concert with the measurement modules to provide a complete analysis environment, and allows you to set up measurements by manipulating icons. Its windowed environment also lets you see your setup and data simultaneously
    • Keyboard
    • Expandable system memory up to 16 Mbytes
    • Service Guide
    • Programmer’s Guide


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