Agilent/Keysight 16555D IN STOCK

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Agilent/Keysight 16555D IN STOCK 68-Channel 110 MHz State/500 MHz Timing Logic Analyzer

Module w/2M of Acquisition Memory


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 16555D Specs (424.3 KB)
Instrument Type  Module  
Max. Channels Number  68  
Max. State Speed  110.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  500.0 MHz 
Memory Depth  2 M  
Options  --  
Status Discontinued
Supported until Apr-2004
Alternative 16900 Measurement Modules
See also 16554A
The 16555D 110 MHz state and 500 MHz timing analysis module offers industry standard state and timing analysis features at an affordable price. With this module, there is no need to connect special probes to view timing activity. Set up your analyzer to perform simultaneous, fully time-correlated state analysis on some channels and timing analysis on the rest. Features: Both basic and complex state and timing macros are available in the trigger macro library. Macros can be combined to create custom trigger setups. Each trigger macro displays a graphic of the measurement and a sentence-like structure to make setting the trigger easy. Set up your trigger in terms of the measurement you want rather than the trigger functions in the logic analyzer. Families of trigger macros make it easy to pick out just the trigger macro you need, and avoid the hassle of wading through a long list of triggers to find the one you want.


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