HP 16740A HP 16740A logic analyzer card

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HP 16740A HP 16740A logic analyzer card 68ch 2ghz timing 200mhz state


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Instrument Type  Module  
Max. Channels Number  68  
Max. State Speed  400.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  800.0 MHz 
Memory Depth  2M/1M  
Options  --  
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date Apr-2005
Supported until Aug-2010
See also 16741A, 16742A

The Agilent 16740A logic analysis module offers industry-leading memory depth and performance for debugging complex digital designs.

Accurate & Reliable Measurements Begin at the Probe Tip!

Probes are ordered separately. Choose a probe that fits your application: Agilent''s Recommended Probes

  • 1M of acquisition memory helps link a symptom of a problem to the cause.
    Innovative hardware in the 16740A improves the system performance
  • 200 MHz state speed supports today's and tomorrow's processors and technology trends
  • 2 GHz timing zoom provides simultanous high-speed state and timing acquisition through a single probe connection to the device under test
  • VisiTrigger technology combines new trigger functionality with a user interface that is easy to use and understand
  • 68 to 340 channels of data capture on the same time base and trigger
  • Eye finder automatically adjusts setup and hold for highest confidence in measurements on high-speed buses


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