Tektronix TLA5202

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Tektronix TLA5202

68 Ch Portable Logic Analyzer

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Product Overview

500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb deep memory timing to capture intermittent events over a wide time window. 125 ps-resolution MagniVu timing simultaneous with state or deep memory timing acquisition to find elusive timing problems quickly, without double probing. Glitch and setup/hold violation triggering and display to find and display elusive hardware problems. 235 MHz state acquisition provides analysis of high-speed synchronous digital circuits. iView time-correlated digital-analog view to clearly see how analog anomalies are affecting your digital signals.


Base Model


Increase To 2M Memory Depth @235MHz State


Increase To 8M Memory Depth @235MHz State


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Tektronix TLA5202 Opt. 7S Specs (187 KB)
Instrument Type  Benchtop  
Max. Channels Number  68  
Max. State Speed  235.0 MHz 
Max. Timing Speed  2.0 GHz 
Memory Depth  2 MB/ch  
Options  Opt. 7S - Increase to 2 MB base memory depth per channel  
Status Discontinued
Alternative See the listing on the Tektronix site of a variety of available upgrade paths
See also TLA5201 Opt. 8S, TLA5202 Opt. 8S, TLA5203 Opt. 7S, TLA5203 Opt. 8S, TLA5204 Opt. 7S, TLA5204 Opt. 8S, TLA5203, TLA5201, TLA5202, TLA5204, TLA5201 Opt. 7S
500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb Deep Memory Timing to Capture Intermittent Events Over a Wide Time Window 125 ps-resolution MagniVu™ Timing Simultaneous with State or Deep Memory Timing Acquisition to Find Elusive Timing Problems Quickly, Without Double Probing Glitch and Setup/hold Violation Triggering and Display to Find and Display Elusive Hardware Problems 235 MHz State Acquisition Provides Analysis of High-speed Synchronous Digital Circuits iView™ Time-correlated Digitalanalog View to Clearly See How Analog Anomalies are Affecting Your Digital Signals 34/68/102/136 Channel Configurations Offer Flexible Solutions to Fit Any Budget.


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