Agilent HP 3478A

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Keysight 3478A 5.5 digit DMM with HP-IB interface


(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
Type  --  
Digits/Count  --  
Vdc Low Range 
Vdc High Range 
Basic Vdc Accuracy  --  
Measurements  --  
Status Discontinued
Alternative 34401A, L4411A, 34411A. 34410A

The 3478A is a fully progammable HP-IB digital multimeter. In an automatic test or on the bench, the 3478A offers 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 digit resolution for measuring dc volts, true RMS ac volts, 2- and 4-wire ohms, and dc and RMS ac current. The 3478A offers dc voltage performance from 100 nanovolt sensitivity up to 300 volts (full scale), true RMS capability up to 300 kHz, and resistance measurements from 100 micro-ohm sensitivity to 30 Mega-ohm (full scale). Its dc and true RMS ac current measuring capability is from 1 microA sensitivity up to 3 A. The fast autorange capability of the 3478A allows you to make measurements over a wide dynamic range without sacrificing throughput rates.

Up to 71 readings per second can be made with the 3478A in the 3 1/2 digit mode. The 3478A has a fast trigger mode, which lets you bypass the built-in setting time delay to make true RMS ac measurements in systems applications.

The LCD display gives you measurement units as part of the reading for easy-to-read, unambiguous answers. The HP-IB talk, listen, remote, and SRQ status information is also available with LCD annunciators. The SRQ button can be used to flag or interrupt your computer from the front panel of the 3478A.

Other system features of the 3478A include the Voltmeter Complete signal and External Trigger input, both available on the rear panel, to synchronize with scanners or to other external devices. The switchable front/rear inputs let you easily connect to the 3478A for either bench or systems operation.

The 3478A is calibrated elecronically, either manually from the front panel or remotely in an automatic calibration system. No internal adjustments are necessary.


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