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(From Used-Line T&M Specifications )
  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 86100D Specs (882.5 KB)
Bandwidth  -- 
Channels  --  
Sample Rate  40.00 GSa/sec 
Memory Depth  16 to 16384 samples record length  
Status -
Launch Date Jun-2010

The 86100D DCA-X has been engineered for unmatched accuracy, insight, and ease-of-use. The DCA-X provides engineers with the tools needed to characterize their high-speed digital designs easily and accurately.

The DCA-X mainframe platform allows engineers to make next-generation measurements that include integrated de-embedding capability. At the same time, the DCA-X is 100 percent backwards compatible with all previous DCA modules and completely code compatible with the 86100C.

The high analog bandwidth, low noise, and low jitter measurements offered by the DCA helps engineers see the true performance of their designs on signals from 50 Mb/s to more than 40 Gb/s.

The modular DCA platform can be configured for optical, electrical, TDR/TDT, and S-parameter measurement capability.

  • Scope Mode yields the most accurate waveform measurements
  • Eye/Mask Mode provides fast and accurate compliance testing of transceivers
  • TDR/TDT Mode for precision impedance measurements with S-Parameter capability
  • Jitter and Amplitude Mode for comprehensive analysis of signal characteristics
  • Integrated de-embedding, embedding, and equalization capability
  • Jitter Spectrum and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Analysis
  • Jitter analysis on long patterns such as PRBS31
  • Custom measurements and analysis using The MathWorks MATLAB software
  • Modular platform supports up to 16 parallel channels
  • Graphical signal processing
  • Dual user interfaces (FlexDCA, a new customizable vector-based user interface for scope, eye and jitter measurements, and DCA-J, the "classic" user interface)
  • Up to 64 simultaneous measurements
  • New measurements, including data-dependent pulse-width shrinkage (DDPWS), uncorrelated jitter (UJ), pre- and de-emphasis measurements and more
  • Vertical gain and offset controls for all channels and functions
  • User-defined multipurpose button
  • User-defined analog control knob
  • Fast CPU
  • Optimized algorithms designed for manufacturing test
  • Modular – buy only what you need today knowing you can upgrade later
  • Protect your investment - the 86100D is 100% compatible with all DCA modules


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