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The Tektronix 11401 and 11402 are high bandwidth, programmable digitizing oscilloscope mainframes. They are ideal for digitizing and accurately measuring repetitive waveforms. The 10-14 bit vertical resolution and 20 MS/s A/D conversion system provide a cost-effective solution to a wide range of measurement problems. The instruments offer a wide array of supporting plug-ins and probes.

The 11401 and 11402 each support three vertical amplifier plug-ins. This means that you can acquire up to eight channels of data at 300 MHz, up to six channels of data at 600 MHz, or up to three channels of data at 1 GHz. You can mix and match the plug-ins to suit your requirements. Eight traces can be displayed at any one time on the screen.

The 11401 and 11402 combine the timing accuracy inherent in digital time bases with 1% vertical accuracy. The Enhanced Accuracy feature prompts the user to start self-calibration routines whenever temperature or configuration changes warrant it. Time base accuracy is 100 ps + 0.002% of the time interval. The accurate, automatic measurements of the instruments can replace dedicated counter/timers and ac voltmeters.

The 11401 and 11402 combine wide bandwidth with 10 ps horizontal resolution and 10 bit vertical resolution, which can be increased to 14 bits when signals are averaged. They can acquire multiple records of up to 10240 points each. The mainframes can contain up to 102400 points of waveform memory with Option 2D. Long records and large storage capacity combine to let users gather data over relatively long periods of time with high resolution and measurement accuracy. Waveforms can be stored on-board the scope for later analysis.

The 11401 and 11402 use simple parallel menus and touch screen to give easy access to their measurement and display features. Selections are only presented when valid or useful. An autoset function sets up the scope for you based on the signal characteristics of the selected trace. This can be activated from the probe tip, allowing for hands off operation of the scope.

The 11401 and 11402 are fully programmable via GPIB and RS-232C.

  • System bandwidth
    • 11401: 500 MHz
    • 11402: 1 GHz
  • Vertical system
    • Equivalent time bandwidth is dependent on which plug-in is used
    • Vertical resolution: 10 bits—can be increased to 14 bits using signal averaging
  • Horizontal system
    • Two identical built-in time bases
    • Record duration: 5.12 ns to 1024 s
    • Record length: 512 points to 10240 points
    • Sampling rate: 20 MS/s maximum
  • Triggering system
    • Range: ± full screen
    • DC coupled: 0.35 div from dc to 50 MHz, increasing to 1 div at 500 MHz
    • Noise reject coupled: 1.2 div or less from dc to 50 MHz, increasing to 3 div at 500 MHz
    • AC coupled: 0.35 div from 60 Hz to 50 MHz increasing to 1 div at 500 MHz
    • HF reject coupled: 0.5 div from dc to 30 kHz
    • LF reject coupled: 0.5 div from 80 kHz to 50 MHz, increasing to 1 div at 500 MHz
    • Holdoff range: 500 ns to 10 s
  • Waveform processing functions
    • Waveform functions: Differentiate, integrate, interpolate, smooth, average, envelope
    • Arithmetic operators: Plus, minus, multiply, divide, square root, logn, absolute value, signum, exp
  • Measurement set
    • Amplitude measurements: Min, max, mid mean, peak-peak, RMS
    • Timing measurements: Rise, fall, width, delay1, main - window, period, frequency
    • Area and energy: Area +, Area -, energy
    • Cursors: Single or dual dots, split or paired mode, horizontal and vertical bars, measurement zone delimiters


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