Keysight 41800A

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Keysight 41800A Active probe, 5 Hz to 500 MHz


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  Keysight Technologies (Agilent HP) 41800A Specs (635.4 KB)
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The Agilent 41800A active probe provides high input impedance from 5 Hz to 500 MHz. The Agilent 41800A is a valuable tool when used with a network and spectrum analyzer for circuit signal analysis. The 41800A improves your circuit design and evaluation for audio, video, HF, and VHF bands. The low input capacitance offers probing with negligible circuit loading, making it effective for precise in-circuit measurements. The probe has a retractable metal sleeve that protects the probe tip from physical damage when not used and also from electro-static discharge (ESD) damage.

  • Bandwidth: 5 Hz to 500 MHz
  • Probe Gain: 0 dB
  • Input R, C (typical): 100 kΩ, 3 pF (probe alone); 1 MΩ, 1 pF (with 10:1, 100:1 divider)
  • Frequency Response Relative to 50 MHz: ±2 dB @ <50 Hz; ±1 dB @ 50 Hz to 200 MHz; +1.5/-2 dB @ >200 MHz
  • 2nd Harmonic Distortion (typical): <-50 dBc @ -20 dBm (250 MHz) input
  • 3rd Order Intermodulation Distortion (typical): <-70 dBc @ -26 dBm two signal input (400 MHz, 400.5 MHz) 
  • 1 dB Gain Compression: >+3 dBm input @500 MHz
  • Maximum Allowable Input:
    • AC+DC: ±40 V(probe alone)
    • AC: 0.5 Vrms(probe alone)
    • AC: 0.5 Vrms (with 1:1 divider)
    • AC: 5 Vrms (with 10:1 divider)
    • AC: 30 Vrms (with 100:1 divider)
  • Output Connector: 50 Ω type N male


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