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tek p6205 active fet probe 750mhz,10x


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The Tektronix P6205 FET probe is an active 10X-attenuating probe that is compatible with Tektronix TDS 500 Series, DSA 600 Series, 11000 Series, and CSA 404 oscilloscopes and plug-in units.

The P6205 probe provides high-frequency measurement capability without the capacitive loading and performance limitations inherent in passive resistive-divider type probes. FETs are used in the P6205 to establish the characteristic high input impedance at high frequency of an active probe. The P6205 features a 750 MHz bandwidth with an input impedance of 1 MΩ in parallel with 2 pF. You must terminate the P6205 probe output into 50 Ω.

The P6205 includes the TEKPROBE™ Level 2 interface. When used with a fully TEKPROBE interface-compatible oscilloscope, the P6205 probe is powered by the host instrument and provides the oscilloscope with the probe model number, serial number, and attenuation factor. When installed on a fully compatible oscilloscope, the oscilloscope channel input is automatically set to 50 Ω and the display readouts are corrected for the probe attenuation factor.

  • DC to 750 MHz
  • Low Input C, High Input R – Minimizes circuit under test loading: 2 pF Input C, 1 MΩ Input R
  • Probe Power Directly from CSA, DSA, TDS or 11000 Series TEKPROBE BNC Interfaces - Means no additional cables or power supplies required
  • Readout Coding for 10X Attenuation – Reduces confusion and errors in measurement readings
  • Rise time: <467 ps 
  • Propagation delay - probe tip to output connector measured at waveform 50% points: 6.72 ns ±200 ps
  • Linearity
    • Linear input range: ±10 V
    • Linearity error relative to full-scale output with ±10 V input: <4%
  • DC Thermal drift
    • Less than ±100 mV/° C
    • For scopes that recognize probe coding: ±1 mV on screen
  • Output load requirement: 50 Ω ±0.5%
  • Maximum nondestructive input voltage: 40 VDC + peak AC
  • Gold-plated Replaceable Probe Tips – Improved electrical connections and lower maintenance costs
  • Miniature Size Accessories – Provides wide range of circuit attachments
  • UL Listed – UL 1244
  • Accessory features
    • The probe tip makes a physical connection to the test point. The flexible cable allows you to make measurements in a variety of applications
    • The compensation box contains circuitry, including elements of the TEKPROBE interface. There are no internal adjustments
    • The TEKPROBE interface provides a communication path between the probe and the host instrument
    • The BNC locking ring houses the TEKPROBE interface contact pins and provides a positive attachment to the host instrument
    • Attach the retractable-hook tip to your signal test point for hands-free operation. The hook tip attaches easily to leaded components such as resistors, capacitors, and discrete semiconductors. Stripped wire, jumpers, busses, and test pins can also be gripped with the retractable hook tip
    • Use the IC protector tip to simplify probing of in-line IC packages. The shape of the protector tip guides the probe onto IC pins and prevents accidental shorting of pins by the probe tip
    • Use the ground sleeve tip cover to keep the metal sleeve of the probe tip from accidentally shorting components on your device under test
    • Use the long ground leads when length is important and precise high-frequency measurement is not. Long ground leads are ideal for quick troubleshooting when you are looking for the presence, absence, or general shape of a signal
    • Use the low-inductance spring-tip ground contact to reduce ground lead inductance. The performance of a probe fitted with the low-inductance ground contact approaches that of no-lead probe fixtures and adapters. With the spring-tip contact installed, you can make measurements up to the system bandwidth of your probe/oscilloscope with negligible signal degradation from ground lead inductance
    • Use the retractable KlipChip if you need hands-free attachment to a physically small signal or ground source. The low profile of the KlipChip allows you to grasp devices that the Retractable Hook Tip cannot


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