Tektronix P6150

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Tektronix P6150 SMA Probe 9GHz

Serial Number: nsn

Alt. Model #s: P-6150, P6150, P 6150
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The P6150 is a 9 GHz bandwidth, 10X attenuation, low impedance probe designed for use with the SD2X family of Sampling/TDR plug-ins. The probe consists of interchangeable, screw-in attenuator tip assemblies (1X and 10X) and an SMA-to-SMA probe cable. An assortment of circuit and grounding attachments is included to optimize attachment to the device under test while maintaining high signal integrity.

  • Low Capacitive Loading to Extremely High Frequencies
  • Interchangeable Attenuator Tip Assemblies: 1X, 10X (P6150)


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