Keysight 3561A

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Keysight 3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer


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The HP 3561A is a single-channel Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) signal analyzer covering the frequency range to 100 kHz. The 3561A measurement capabilities include magnitude, phase, and time displays in a narrow band, 1/3 octave, or full octave format. Narow band data can be captured and stored in the time buffer for processing with alternate setups without acquiring new data. Resolution in the narrow band mode is 250 Hz for a full 100 kHz display span and 25.6 microHz for the 0.01 Hz display span. The 3561A measures input signals from +27 dBV (22.39 Vrms) down to -51 dBV (+2.82 mVrms). The 80 dB dynamic range of the 3561A allows measurement of signals where the signal of interest exists in the presence of large unwanted signals.

The signal processing capabilities of the 3561A includes rms averaging, rms exponential weighting averaging, and time averaging. The peak hold mode captures the maximum amplitude of the signal while the overload reject mode allows exclusion from the averaging process of measurements that overload the input circuits.

The 3561A math operations can be applied to measurement data for additional processing of the data. The math functions include the four basic math operations plus integration and differentiation.

Marker analysis modes include the display of single traces, simultaneous display of two traces either in a top-bottom format or a front-back format, or the display of up to 60 traces in a map-type format. Display units are user defineable. Both linear or logarithmic scaling of the display is available.

Six instrument setups and two display traces can be saved to nonvolatile memory for recalling commonly used setups or analyzing a trace at a later time. The bubble memory option adds the capability of storing additional setups and traces as well as the storage of time capture data.

A variable source output provides a periodic noise, random noise, or an impulse source to drive a device under test for analysis. The A-weighting filter is available for acoustic or audio measurements. The Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric (ICP) current source is available for powering ICP accelerometers.

The 3561A self tests provide maximum confidence in the operation of the instrument. These tests, in conjunction with the internal calibration signal, make it possible to quickly verify the calibration of the instrument before beginning a critical measurement sequence.

Virtually all of the measurement functions of the 3561A are remotely programmable via te Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB). Because measurement data can be remotely input or output, it is possible with a computing controller to extend the basic measurement capability. The display can be directly plotted to a plotter or printer via the HP-IB.


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