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General Resistance RTD-100 Decade Resistor Simulator 10 to 1111.110 ohms Tested

Manufacturer: General Resistance Instruments

Model: RTD-100

Condition: Used. This resistor is in Good cosmetic condition for its age, with several scuffs/scratches and a few cracked spots on the knobs and clear knob-surrounding parts.  Note that there is no rear enclosure/housing included with this unit. The photos show the exact item(s) the buyer will receive.

Notes: This resistor is in Good working condition but one thing must be remembered:  This is not a general-purpose decade box, so the "10" range CAN NOT be rotated past 10 or 1 (the others all rotate freely in circles) which means it will only allow a minimum resistance of 10 ohms.  The 0.001 ohms range rotates with rough motion and some of the positions seem to give the same reading (but this may also be our meter, we are not sure).  We used 4-wire measuring on our own meter and each range measured close to what it should, except for the issues mentioned above.  No other testing was done. No manuals, cords/cables, or additional items are included if not listed or shown.


  • (1) GRI RTD-100 RTD Simulator


  • Manufacturer: General Resistance Instruments
  • Model: RTD-100
  • Resistance temperature detector simulator
  • Decade resistor
  • Replaces an RTD in-place and simulates temperature changes
  • 10 ohms minimum resistance at all times
  • Range: 10 ohms to 1111.110 ohms
  • Accuracy rating: 0.01% of setting
  • 6 decades:
    • x 100 ohms
    • x 10 ohms
    • x 1 ohms
    • x 0.1 ohms
    • x 0.01 ohms
    • x 0.001 ohms
  • Binding posts for 2 or 4 wire resistance
  • Grounding lug near measuring ports
  • Maximum current for tated accuracy:
    • 10.000 to 99.999 ohms: 75mA
    • 100.000 ohms and up: 25mA

30 Day Guarantee

  • Guaranteed to be as described
  • Can be returned for flaws or malfunctions that were not disclosed
  • See complete terms

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