• General Questions
  • What is Used-Line.com?

    Used-Line.com is the leading online marketplace for used Test & Measurement, Laboratory, and Semiconductor equipment. The Use-Line database contains the inventory listings and ads of more than 700 dealers worldwide.

    Used-Line strives to be the best place on the web for you to advertise your equipment and services.

  • How can I benefit from Used-Line?

    Get Sales and Leads - We make it easy for buyers to find your equipment and your company. The majority of used equipment listings on the Web are stored in our database. Buyers come to our site directly to save time by searching our database instead of using general search engines. Our high Google rank attracts tens of thousands of visitors monthly who can click through to your website after they find your equipment.

    Our Used-Line Wanted List System allows you to get realtime alerts when dealers are looking for equipment you have.

    Source Equipment – The Used-Line Wanted List System and Used-Line Wanted Ads enable you to source equipment from other dealers and end-users all over the world. Dealers and end-users using our website get realtime alerts when you include Used-Line in your Wanted List distribution or post Wanted Ads.

    Get Information – Our Test & Measurement Buying Guide is a great resource of technical information on thousands of models from all the major brands. Our listings database is a great source of valuation data.

  • Who visits Used-Line?

    100,000 monthly visitors come to our site, directly or through search engine links. Engineers, students, purchasing agents and dealers use our site to buy, price, and to get information to make purchasing decisions.

  • Who advertises on Used-Line.com?

    Used-Line lists the equipment of more than 700 dealers on its site.

    Most major dealers and many smaller companies have been longtime clients of Used-Line, in addition to auction houses and service companies. Used-Line banner clients include auction companies such as eBay and Dovebid, as well as manufacturers such as Agilent and Rohde & Schwarz. On the other hand, some of our most loyal clients are small one-person shops.

  • Selling Equipment
  • How do I start selling my equipment on Used-Line.com?
    1. Click here to submit your company information to our dealer directory, if you have not already done so. There is no charge for this service. If you get an error message, your company information is probably already in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Please contact us if this occurs.
    2. Choose the Listing Service that best fits your needs. For more details read the answers to the next question, visit our Sell page for Dealers or call the Used-Line sales office at 1-248-809-5515 .
    3. Contact the Used-Line Sales Office to get pricing information and to set up your account. Ask about our 30-day trial period for qualified dealers.
  • What are the options for listing equipment?

    There are two services for listing equipment:
    1. Large-volume selling with automatic updates for as low as a few cents per listing.
    2. Occasional selling at $10 per listing with a maximum of 5 listings.

    There are three add-ons that can be applied to your Used-Line listings:
    1. In-Stock Icon: A special icon for highlighting ads for equipment that is available immediately.
    2. Premium Items: Used-Line visitors view a clickable thumbnail of your product’s page on your website. This thumbnail is embedded inside your ad on Used-Line.
    3. Featured Items: Items with photographs that you upload manually are shown near the top of a search result and as mini-banners at the top of the page of listings.

    Test Equipment Dealers can also list equipment in the Used-Line Wanted List system to get realtime alerts for dealer-to-dealer business. See below for more information.

  • How do I choose which service is best for me?

    You may call our Sales & Support office at 1-248-809-5515 to discuss your business and our staff will help recommend the best option for you.

    The questions that you should consider are:
    • How many items will I list? Larger Inventories are difficult to manage by hand. The Large-Volume Sellers option makes sense for inventories of a few hundred items or more. This listing method has the lowest cost per item.
    • How do I promote special items? Upgrade with the Featured Items Add-on and manually upload photographs for ads you would like to feature near the top of a search result. These ads will also be shown as mini-banners at the top of a listings page.
    • Can I show that my equipment is in stock? If you have test equipment that is in stock, upgrade to the inexpensive In-Stock Icon Add-On to make your listings stand out. Lab and Semiconductor Equipment Dealers may also choose this upgrade, although there is less benefit in most categories.
    • Can a Used-Line visitor click through to equipment pages on my website? Yes, you can purchase the Premium Items Add-On to include a thumbnail of the page of your sale item’s details on your website. Visitors will land exactly where they need to be.

  • How much does listing equipment cost?

    Visit the Used-Line Sell Page where the costs for each option are clearly listed.

  • How do I get a trial period started?

    1. Click here to submit your company information to our dealer directory, if you have not already done so. There is no charge for this service. If you get an error message, your company information is probably already in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Please contact us if this occurs.
    2. Visit our Dealer Sell page or call the Used-Line sales office at 1-248-809-5515.

  • What is the Used-Line Robot?

    The Used-Line Robot is Used-Line’s tool for getting your inventory into Used-Line and keeping it up-to-date. Our robot, also called a spider, visits dealer websites daily, looking for changes in dealer inventory. It uploads the entire inventory from the dealer website, including photos and item details and organizes the information so it can be seen on Used-Line as completely as possible. The robot chooses the best Used-Line category for each item and makes it available to our visitors who search or browse our website.

  • Is there any commission due?

    There are no commissions charged for any of the Used-Line plans. You keep 100% of what you sell!

  • I do not have a website. How can I list my inventory?

    You may email us your inventory information in an Excel spreadsheet or in any other format. Alternatively, post your table in HTML format on a server and contact us.

    Click here for details on the ideal format for your inventory table.

  • How can I get an ad into the top section of a category?

    The Used-Line website uses an algorithm to rotate the listings to give all advertisers exposure. You cannot ensure that your equipment listing will always be on top. However, when you upgrade any of your listings with the Featured Items Add-On, and upload a photo, your listing will be included in the four mini-banners that appear at the top of an equipment listings page, and will be shown near the top of search results for the item.

  • How do I optimize my listings?

    If you want to include photos and custom descriptions of equipment, or if your website structure does not allow us to download your inventory, you need to create a download table.

    The download table is a simple HTML table with the item information and the URL of the item photo.

    To prepare your download pages: Create an HTML table where each row is an item with the following columns:
    Technical description and type
    URL of item's picture
    For premium listings, include another column with the URL of the details page of the item on your site.

    Save the pages you create on your server, either with consecutive numbering, or with navigation links on your page. You can use any name you want, for example:
    Notify Used-Line of the URLs of the pages on your server and the Used-Line robot will download your inventory from there. You must contact us so the Used-Line robot can be set up to spider your pages.

    Click here to view a sample table.
    Enter only a number in the Price column. Do not enter the dollar sign $ character. For example, enter $1000 as 1000.
    Leave the Price column blank if you wish to display "Call".
    Please keep formatting to a minimum.
    Try to limit each page to 500 items
    It is preferable to generate your pages dynamically. The Used-Line listing will represent the exact state of your inventory at the moment of our update.
    Use any file extension you wish.

    More Tips:
    Make sure you use key words that Users may search for. e.g.. HP Agilent
    Include words that will assist the robot to choose the correct equipment category.
    Separate options from model number.
    Consider the Used-Line In-Stock listing upgrade.
    Include information that will make your ad stand out.

  • What is the In-Stock Icon all about?

    This is a paid upgrade to the Large-Volume Sellers option. Many buyers have expressed their frustration when searching Used-Line, especially for test equipment, and discovering that equipment listed is not available. The In-stock icon lets people know that the dealer is committed to honesty and accuracy. Dealers with this upgrade have signed a commitment to keep their listings up-to-date and truthful. The icon builds confidence in Used-Line as a whole, causing an increase of quality traffic to Used-Line that will benefit everyone. The icon draws the eye to listings and promotes direct customer/dealer contact, and even more importantly, visitors can filter search results to include only items with an In-Stock icon

  • How does UL know what is in stock?

    If all your listings are in stock and up-to-date, let us know and we can include the icon. If some of your listings are in stock and some are not, all you have to do is indicate what is in stock in your data source. Add the word "in-stock" to your description or insert a column and include the word in-stock in that column. Tell us about the new column and we can set it up.

    All Dealers who have this upgrade must sign a commitment to be honest, accurate, and up-to-date. A link for visitors to leave feedback is available to notify Used-Line when listings are not in stock. Too many out-of-stock reports will result in the removal of the in-stock icon until the listings are updated.

  • How do I get my equipment list onto Used-Line?

    There are three methods to get your inventory onto Used-Line’s Automatic Bulk Listing Service:
    1. The Used-Line Robot can visit your website and download your inventory information including details and photos.
    2. You can make a data feed for the Used-Line Robot. Click here for details.
    3. You can email a spreadsheet to Used-Line. Contact us for the email address for inventory updates.

    Dealers subscribed to the Used-Line Manual Listing Service can email a spreadsheet to Used-Line to jump-start their listings. Our staff will insert the list at no charge. You can then login to edit the ads, check that the categories were selected properly and upload photos.

  • How do I update my listings?

    Dealers Subscribed to the Used-Line Manual Listing Service:

    1. Log in to the My UL system:
    2. Click Manage Listings, then proceed according to the instructions that follow.

    Dealers Subscribed to the Automatic Bulk Listing Service: If your listings are downloaded by our robot, update your download source, whether it is a page on your website or a download table that you created for us. Our robot will detect the changes within a few days. If it is urgent that the changes are made immediately, contact us to request a robot visit.

  • Do you supply stock photos and technical information?

    Used-Line has a database of over 10,000 test equipment models consisting of technical information and stock photos. This information is included for free with your ads when our system can identify the model number of the equipment listing.

    We advise including your own photos of the actual equipment when possible.

  • Dealer Directory
  • What is the Dealer Directory?

    The Used-Line Dealer Directory is an online map-based list of over 700 equipment dealers worldwide. Used-Line visitors use the directory to find used equipment dealers, rental companies, new equipment distributors, and repair and calibration labs in their area.

  • How do I include my company in the Dealer Directory?

    Check to make sure your company is not already in the directory. If it is not, click here to submit your company information. The Used-Line Webmaster will review your submission and you will receive an email when your company has been approved.

  • How much does it cost?

    Nothing. This is a FREE service from Used-Line.

  • Banner Advertising
  • How do I get a banner ad?

    Contact us at the Used-Line sales office at 1-248-809-5515 .

    Every advertiser has unique needs that Used-Line can address to design the best banner for you. You may need a lot of exposure in a short amount of time, or you may need to target a specific type of visitor to find your market.

    To get you started, here is a list of some of the types of banner ads available on Used-Line: Homepage Banners
    Standard 468x60 pixel banners on Inside pages
    160x600 pixel Skyscraper banners on inside pages
    Special Placements on Main Menu Drop Down windows

    Homepage banners cannot be targeted to a specific equipment type, and have limited availability. You should contact us to check availability for the time period you want to advertise.

    The banners on inside pages can be targeted to your particular sector, Test, Lab or Semiconductor, and when appropriate, can be targeted to specific equipment types. You can also have your banner targeted to a specific geographic area.

  • How much does a banner ad cost?

    Homepage banners prices vary depending on the placement, size, quantity, time commitment and availability. Contact us or call 1-248-809-5515 for current prices.

    Banners on inside pages can be ordered by number of impressions per month. Prices start at $200/month for 20,000 impressions of 468x60 pixel banner.

  • Buying Equipment and Wanted Lists
  • What is the Used-Line Wanted List System?

    The Wanted List System is a fantastic tool for Test Equipment Dealer-to-Dealer interaction.

    Dealers regularly send eachother want lists, spend time reviewing the incoming want lists and quoting prices when they have something that someone is looking for.

    The Used-Line Wanted List system automates all these tasks. Instead of sending your Wanted list to a list of dealers, you can send your Wanted List to our system. Instead of spending your time reviewing want lists that come into your inbox, our system reads them for you, compares the lists to your inventory, and notifies you when there is a match. You can then quote a price to the buyer directly or through the system.

    In addition to Dealer-to-Dealer transactions, the Wanted List system notifies sellers of End-User Wanted ads that are posted on Used-Line.

    The Consolidated Want List shows all the latest Wants Lists combined into one searchable list.

  • How can I benefit from the Used-Line Wanted List System?

    The Wanted List system will save you time and help you make money.

    You probably get want lists emailed to you daily. The Used-Line Wanted List system will save you time. Instead of reviewing the list, the system will review them for you — saving you precious time — and notify you when someone is looking for something that you have. This happens within minutes of an incoming list, so you can get a jump on a deal before it is too late.

    In addition, you will be notified of Wanted Ads posted on the website. These ads are not part of the emailed list. So, not only do you save time, Used-Line delivers you with new sale opportunities by using the system.

    When you send your own Wanted List or post a Wanted Ad, dealers with matching items for sale will be notified. Therefore, the turnaround time between sending a Wanted List and getting quotes is reduced.

  • What is the Used-Line Wanted List?

    The Used-Line Wanted List is a compilation of Wanted Ads posted on Used-Line by End-Users and other dealers. This list is made of Wanted Ads posted to the website, and it is not made from want lists that were emailed to our system. Most emailed Wanted Lists are easily available; maybe you get them in your inbox. These ads are available exclusively from Used-Line. Contact us to find out how to be included.

  • Where should I send my Wanted List?

    Send your Wanted list to system1@used-line.com It may take a day for your first list to be processed. After that, the system is totally automated.

  • How do I post a Wanted Ad?

    Click on the Post Wanted Ads link on the top menu bar. Follow the instructions to post your Wanted Ads. If you regularly send a Want List by email, you should send your email to us at system1@used-line.com

  • Who will see my Wanted Ads?

    Wanted Ads that are posted will be seen by all the Test Equipment Dealers in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Dealers with matching items in the Wanted List system will also get realtime alerts that you are looking for something that they have.

  • How do I access the system?

    You can access the system by clicking on the link included in any of the emails that the system generates. You may also access the system by logging into the My UL system for Dealers.

  • How do I set up realtime alerts?

    Log in to the system and click on Inventory Watch List. The inventory Watch List is your list of inventory. It is called a Watch List since you want our system to “watch out” for matches in incoming Wanted Lists.

    Your Inventory Watch List is made of two parts. It can be made up of all or part of your Used-Line listings. You can also insert a totally separate list called the “Managed Watch List”. You just type or paste a spreadsheet into the Wanted List system to set up this list.

  • How much does it cost to use the Wanted List system?

    Nothing. For a limited time the system is free for dealers sending Wanted Lists and for Dealers with Watch Lists. In the future Used-Line will charge a subscription fee for sellers, but until then, all are welcome to use the system and make money.

  • Working with Buyers
  • How do Buyers contact me when I advertise on Used-Line?

    All lines are open. Buyers will see your company name and phone number and will be able to click through to your website from every listing and from the dealer directory. And of course, our system will send all Request for Quote emails directly to your inbox.

    Dealers who use the Used-Line Referral Service will be contacted first by email only. Once the inquiry is emailed, the visitor will see the complete contact information.

  • The Used-Line Dealer Directory
  • How can I include my company information in the Used-Line Dealer Directory?

    It’s easy and free to list your company information in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Simply submit your company information by clicking Add Your Company on the top menu bar. Our Webmaster will review your submission and you’ll get an approval email within a day or two.

    Businesses without websites will generally not be approved without speaking about their business with our Sales and Support office. Contact us or call 1-248-809-5515 to discuss your specific needs and get approval.

  • How do I update my company information?

    If your company information changes:
    Registered Dealers:
    Click the Seller Login at the bottom of any Used-Line web page and enter your Login ID and Password.
    Select Account Information -> Update Company Information, and then proceed according to the instructions that follow.
    Confirm your changes.

    Unregistered dealers:
    Contact us by email.
    Click the Log In button on the top menu bar enter your info in the Dealer Login. Click on Edit Account Information .

  • How do I review my advertising statistics online?

    To review your advertising statistics online:
    Log in to the used-line-pro system by selecting Seller Login at the bottom of any page.
    Select Statistics.

    Click the Log In button on the top menu bar enter your info in the Dealer Login. Click on the Statistics button on the left navigation pane. You will see 11 months of click-through and RFQ data.

    You can see the current and previous month’s RFQs as well.

    The Used-Line Referral Service is a commission-based service offered to sellers who do not want to pay a flat up-front fee. The listings of these companies will display “Used-Line Referral Service”. Use the RFQ form to contact dealers. After submitting your request for quote, the seller’s contact information will be displayed in your browser and emailed to you. You can then negotiate with the seller directly. Sellers can be dealers, private sellers, or brokers. There is no commission due from the buyer.