• General Questions
  • What is Used-Line.com?

    Used-Line.com is the leading online marketplace for used test & measurement, laboratory, and semiconductor & PCB equipment. The Used-Line database contains over 200,000 equipment listings with full seller details. Used-Line strives to be the best place on the web for you to advertise your equipment and services.

  • How can I benefit from Used-Line?

    • Customer base: Get sales and leads from our large and active customer base. We make it easy for buyers to find your equipment and your company. Buyers come to our site directly to save time by searching our database instead of using general search engines. They can then click through to your website after they find your equipment.
    • Special marketing packages: The Used-Line basket of marketing ideas can benefit your company with exposure to the right audience: Exciting add-ons, banner ads, email blasts, newsletter ad slots, and more.
    • Used-Line Wanted List System: The Used-Line Wanted List System and Used-Line Wanted Ads let you source equipment from other dealers and end-users all over the world. Dealers and end-users using our website get real-time alerts when you include Used-Line in your Wanted List distribution or post Wanted Ads.
    • Information: Our T&M Specifications pages provide technical information on thousands of models from all the major brands.

  • Who visits Used-Line?

    Engineers, students, purchasing agents and dealers use our site to buy, price, and to get information to make purchasing decisions. Our visitors come to the site directly or by using search engine links.

  • Who advertises on Used-Line.com?

    Used-Line lists the equipment of many dealers from all over the globe. Most major dealers and many smaller companies, in addition to auction houses and service companies, have been longtime clients of Used-Line.

  • Selling Your Equipment on Used-Line
  • Selling Equipment

    How do I start selling my equipment on Used-Line.com?
    1. Add your company information to the Used-Line Dealer Directory if you have not already done so. Provide your company information in the form that opens.
    2. Choose the sectors, services, and brands that your company does business with.
    3. Click Submit. If you get an error message, your company information is probably already in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Please contact us if this occurs.
    4. Contact the Used-Line Sales Office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066 or by emailing sales1@used-line.com to get pricing information and to set up your account.

  • What are the options for listing equipment?

    There are three services and three add-ons for listing equipment. All of these options can be accessed on the Used-Line Sell Page or by contacting the Used-Line Sales Office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066.

    Listing plans:

    • Large-volume seller plans with automatic updates for as low as a few cents per listing.
    • Occasional seller plans at $10 per listing with a maximum of 5 listings.
    • Custom listing plans for any special requirements you may have. Our Sales Office will be pleased to help you arrange a custom plan. Call 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066.


    • In-Stock Icon: A special icon for highlighting ads for equipment that is available immediately.
    • Premium Items: Used-Line visitors view a clickable thumbnail of your product's page on your website. This thumbnail is embedded inside your ad on Used-Line.
    • Featured Items: Your equipment comes up first in search results and periodically appears in a separate box above the search results of related pages. You can manually manage all aspects of your listings through the user-friendly dealer portal, and post up to 5 photos per listing.

  • How do I get my large-volume equipment list onto Used-Line?

    There are three ways to upload your inventory list onto Used-Line:

    • The Used-Line Spiderbot can visit your website or eBay store and download your inventory information including details and photos.
    • You can create a data feed for the Used-Line Spiderbot.
    • You can email a spreadsheet to Used-Line. If you wish, take a look at our instructions for data fields to use when creating a spreadsheet.

  • Can the Spiderbot pick up from an eBay store instead of my company website?

    The Used-Line Spiderbot can pick up from any webpage, including an eBay store.

  • How do I choose which of the listing options are best for me?

    You may call our Sales Office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066 to tell us about your business requirements, and our staff will help recommend the best option for you.

  • What should I take into account when deciding which option is best for me?

    The questions that you should consider are:

    • How many items will I list? The Large-Volume Sellers option makes sense for inventories of a few hundred items or more. This listing method has the lowest cost per item.
    • How do I promote special items? Upgrade to the Featured Items Add-on and manually upload photographs for ads you would like to feature at the top of a search result.
    • Can I show that my equipment is currently in stock? If you have equipment that is in stock, upgrade to the inexpensive In-Stock Icon Add-On to make your listings stand out.
    • Can a Used-Line visitor click through to my website? Yes, in fact a Used-Line visitor can click through to the exact page featuring a particular item of equipment on your website. Simply purchase the Premium Items Add-On to include a thumbnail of the page of your sale item's details on your website. Visitors will land exactly where they need to be.

  • How much does listing equipment cost?

    Visit the Used-Line Sell Page where the costs for each plan and option are outlined.

  • What exactly is the Used-Line Spiderbot?

    The Used-Line Spiderbot is Used-Line's tool for getting your inventory into Used-Line and keeping it up-to-date. The robot visits dealer websites daily, looking for changes in dealer inventories. It uploads the entire inventory from the dealer website, including photos and item details and organizes the information so it can be viewed on Used-Line as complete as possible. The robot chooses the best Used-Line category for each item and makes it available to our visitors who search or browse our website. For more information, see the Used-Line Spiderbot.

  • I do not have a website. How can I list my inventory?

    You may email us your inventory information in an Excel spreadsheet or in any other format. Alternatively, post your table in HTML format on a server and contact us.

    View our page that explains the ideal format for your inventory table.

  • Is there any commission due?

    There are no commissions charged for any of the Used-Line plans. You keep 100% of what you sell!

  • I prefer to list my ads manually. Can I send my listings to Used-Line in a spreadsheet?

    Dealers who have subscribed to the Used-Line manual listing service can email a spreadsheet to Used-Line to jump-start their listings. You can then log in to edit the ads, check that the categories were selected properly, and upload photos. For more information on creating spreadsheets, view our spreadsheet instructions.

  • How do I update my manual listings?

    1. Log in to My UL using the Log In menu on the top right corner of any page.
    2. Click My Ads.
    3. If you wish to remove an ad, click X.
    4. If you wish to update an ad, click Edit, then make your changes on the form provided.
    5. After completing your changes, click Submit.

  • How do I update my automatically uploaded listings?

    If your listings are uploaded to Used-Line by our Spiderbot, update your source, whether it is a page on your website or a data source or spreadsheet that you created for us. The Spiderbot automatically crawls your site for updates every 72 hours. If you require a more frequent update, please notify us and we will set the Spiderbot to a daily crawl.

  • Is there a way I can find out what equipment people are looking for?

    Yes, dealers in test & measurement equipment can also list equipment in the Used-Line Wanted List System to get real-time alerts for dealer-to-dealer business. To find out more about this, see the FAQ on Buying Equipment and Wanted Lists.

  • How can I get an ad into the top section of a category?

    The Used-Line website uses an algorithm to rotate the listings to give all advertisers exposure. Typically, you cannot ensure that your equipment listing will always be on top. However, when you upgrade any of your listings with the Featured Items Add-On, and upload a photo, your listing will be shown at the top of search results for the item.

  • Are there any tips for optimizing my listings?

    Yes, Used-Line has prepared a page with a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions for making your ads work for you. To view our list of tips, see Optimizing Your Listings.

  • What is the In-Stock Icon all about?

    This is a paid upgrade to the Large-Volume Sellers option. The icon draws the eye to listings and promotes direct customer/dealer contact.

  • If I purchase the In-Stock Icon upgrade, how does Used-Line know what I have in stock?

    If all your listings are in stock and up-to-date, let us know and we can include the icon. If some of your listings are in stock and some are not, all you have to do is indicate what is in stock in your data source. Add the word, "in-stock" to your description or insert a column and include the word, “in-stock” in that column. Tell us about the new column and we can set it up. Please contact us about any questions you may have about setting up your In-Stock Icon add-on. You can also call the Used-Line Sales Office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066.

  • Can visitors to the site select to view only listings that are known to be in stock?

    Yes, visitors can filter search results to include only items with an In-Stock icon.

    We do let customers know, however, that many of the listings on Used-Line advertise equipment that is in stock even though the dealer has not purchased the In-Stock icon add-on. The customer will check with you about the availability of the item he is interested in.

  • Do you supply stock photos and technical information?

    Used-Line has a database of over 10,000 equipment models consisting of technical information and stock photos. This information is included for free with your ads when our system can identify the model number of the equipment listing.

    We advise including your own photos of the actual equipment where possible.

  • Used-Line Marketing Programs
  • What kind of advertising programs does Used-Line offer?

    You have three mediums for marketing your company to your target audience on Used-Line:

    • Email blasts
    • Banner ads
    • Newsletter ads

    Contact us at the Used-Line sales office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066 to get your campaign in motion.

  • How many subscribers are on your email blast list?

    Used-Line has three email blast plans to choose from: 5000, 10,000, or 15,000 unique emails.

  • Where are the banner ads displayed?

    Choose from the following banners:

    • The upper section of the homepage: 468 x 60 pixels
    • The top of the homepage: 220 x 60 pixels
    • The upper right side of the homepage: 220 x 100 pixels
    • The lower right side of the homepage: 220 x 60 pixels
    • An inside page: 160 x 600 pixels

    The banner placement and content are chosen with specific purposes and for target audiences, depending on your goals. For example, inside page banners can target the specific equipment category on a particular page. Discuss how to best design your campaign with the Used-Line sales office at 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066.

  • How much does a banner ad cost?

    Homepage banners prices vary depending on the placement, size, quantity, time commitment and availability. Contact us or call 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066 for current prices.

  • What size newsletter ads are available?

    Our newsletter goes out monthly to 40,000 subscribers, giving your ads exposure to a large targeted audience. You can choose from the following ad sizes for the newsletter:

    • Wide ad across width of newsletter: 630 x 220 pixels
    • Medium-sized ad: 411 x 220 pixels
    • Smaller (almost square) ad: 198 x 220 pixels

  • Where can I find out more information about advertising via Used-Line?

    Please download or view our Media Kit.

  • Private and Occasional Sellers
  • I'm not a dealer. Can I sell my equipment on Used-Line?

    Yes, private and occasional sellers are welcome to list equipment on Used-Line. If you are registered and logged in, you can purchase ad slots online for $10 a month each, with a maximum of 5 slots. If you wish to purchase more than 5 ad slots, please contact us. If you are not yet registered with Used-Line, it takes just a moment to do so.

  • If I'm not a dealer, how do I sell my equipment on Used-Line?

    Click Sell on the Home Page and complete the four steps required to place your ad:

    1. In the For Occasional Sellers block, select the number of ad slots you would like to purchase at a cost of $10 per month each.
    2. Register with Used-Line.
    3. Enter your payment information.
    4. Enter the text of your ad.

    Edit your ad to be as effective and impactful as possible, and upload photos. Used-Line will supply stock photos and specifications for thousands of Test Equipment models, but engaging text and an actual photo is always more effective.

    Please do not include your contact information in the body of the listings. Listings with contact information included in the ad text will be deleted.

  • Buying Equipment and Wanted Lists
  • What is the Used-Line Wanted List System?

    The Wanted List System is a fantastic tool for Test Equipment Dealer-to-Dealer interaction.

    Dealers regularly send each other want lists, spend time reviewing the incoming want lists, and quote prices when they have something that someone is looking for.

    The Used-Line Wanted List System automates all these tasks. Instead of sending your Wanted List to a list of dealers, you can send your Wanted List to our system. Instead of spending your time reviewing want lists that come into your inbox, our system reads them for you, compares the lists to your inventory, and notifies you when there is a match. You can then quote a price to the buyer directly or through the system.

    In addition to Dealer-to-Dealer transactions, the Wanted List system notifies sellers of Wanted Ads that are posted on Used-Line by private individual sellers.

    A consolidated Want List shows all the latest Wants Lists combined into one searchable list.

  • How can I benefit from the Used-Line Wanted List System?

    You benefit by streamlining and consolidating the whole “wanted process”, whether you want to respond to the wanted lists of others, or whether you have your own wanted list.

    When responding to the Want Lists of others

    You probably get want lists emailed to you daily. The Used-Line Wanted List system will save you time. Instead of reviewing the list, the system will review them for you — saving you precious time — and notify you when someone is looking for something that you have. This happens within minutes of an incoming list, so you can get a jump on a deal before it is too late.

    In addition, you will be notified of Wanted Ads posted on the website. These ads are not part of the emailed list. So, not only do you save time, Used-Line delivers new sale opportunities to you through the system.

    When posting your own Want List

    When you send your own Wanted List or post a Wanted Ad, dealers with matching items for sale will be notified. Therefore, the turnaround time between sending a Wanted List and getting quotes is reduced.

  • What is the Used-Line Wanted List?

    The Used-Line Wanted List is a compilation of Wanted Ads posted on Used-Line by other dealers or by private individuals. This list is made up of Wanted Ads posted to the website. These ads are available exclusively from Used-Line. Contact us to find out how to be included.

  • My customers need equipment not currently in my stock. Where should I send my Wanted List?

    Send your Wanted list to system1@used-line.com. It may take a day for your first list to be processed. After that, the system is totally automated.

  • I need a particular model oscilloscope for a customer. How do I post a Wanted Ad?

    Click Post Wanted Ads on the top menu bar. Follow the instructions to post your Wanted Ads. If you regularly send a Want List by email, you should send your email to us at system1@used-line.com.

  • Who will see my Wanted Ads?

    Wanted Ads that are posted will be seen by test equipment dealers in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Dealers with matching items in the Wanted List system will also get real-time alerts when you are looking for something that they have.

  • How do I access the system?

    1. Log in to Used-Line if you have not already done so
    2. In the footer at the bottom of most pages on Used-Line, locate the section, Make Money with Us.
    3. Click Wanted List System.

  • I would like to be notified when someone needs equipment that I have in my stock. How do I set up real-time alerts?

    1. Log in to Used-Line if you have not already done so.
    2. Click the Wanted List System
    3. Choose Inventory Watch List from the menu in the top right section of the page. The Inventory Watch List contains the list of equipment in your inventory. It is called a Watch List since you want our system to “watch out” for matches in incoming Wanted Lists.

    Your Inventory Watch List is made of two parts, My Automatic Watch List and My Managed Watch List. With these two lists, you can customize what you would like to include in your Watch List, and whether it should be made up of all or part of your Used-Line listings. You can also insert a totally separate list called the “Managed Watch List”. You just type or paste a spreadsheet into the Wanted List system to set up this list.

  • What can I include in My Automatic Watch List?

    You can include any or all of: your manually listed ads, your In-Stock ads, and your automatically listed ads.

  • How do I create My Managed Watch List.

    1. Log in to Used-Line if you have not already done so.
    2. Click the Wanted List System
    3. Choose Inventory Watch List from the menu in the top right section of the page.
    4. Click the Upload items to the Managed Watch List button, then follow the included instructions to manually add to or remove from your Inventory Watch List.

    Only Test & Measurement items can be included in your Managed Watch List.

  • Working with Buyers
  • How do Buyers contact me when I advertise on Used-Line?

    All lines are open. Buyers will see your company name and phone number and will be able to click through to your website from every listing and from the dealer directory. And of course, our system sends all Request for Quote emails directly to your inbox.

  • Dealer Directory
  • What is the Dealer Directory?

    The Used-Line Dealer Directory is an online map-based list of equipment dealers worldwide. Used-Line visitors use the directory to find used equipment dealers, rental companies, new equipment distributors, and repair and calibration labs in their area.

  • How can I include my company information in the Used-Line Dealer Directory?

    It's easy and free to list your company information in the Used-Line Dealer Directory. Simply submit your company information by clicking Add Your Company on the top menu bar. The approval process takes a day or two.

    Businesses without websites will generally not be approved without speaking about their business with our Sales office. Contact us or call 1-248-809-5515 / 1-845-287-0066 to discuss your specific needs and get approval.

  • How do I update my company information?

    If your company information changes:

    1. Log in to My UL using the Log In menu on the top right corner of any page.
    2. Select Account Information.
    3. Choose the Edit Account Information tab, and then proceed according to the instructions that follow.
    4. Click Update Account to confirm your changes.

  • How do I review my advertising statistics online?

    To review your advertising statistics online:

    1. Log in to My UL using the Log In menu on the top right corner of any page.
    2. Select Statistics to see 11 months of click-through and RFQ data. You can also choose to view the current and previous month's RFQs.