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HP 3314A 20 MHz function generator, NIST-certified $1095
HP 3314A / Agilent 3314A Function Generator, 0.001 Hz to 19.99 MHz $975
HP 3314A Function Generator $250
Hewlett Packard 3314A FUNCTION GENERATOR $1500

Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 3314A Main Features and Specifications

Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 3314A

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Frequency Range Min.  1.0 mHz 
Frequency Range Max.  20.0 MHz 
Freq. Resolution  -- 
Waveform Outputs  Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse  
Modulation  AM, FM, LIN/LOG Sweep, Sweep, Burst, Gated  
Status Discontinued
Discontinuance Date May-1995
Supported until May-2000
Alternative 33220A
Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies)
  • Range: 0.001 Hz to 20 MHz
  • Frequency Accuracy 0.05 % 
  • Minimum Output Voltage 0 V 
  • Maximum Output Voltage 10 V 
  • Output Impedance 50 Ohm 
  • Modulation AM,FM 
  • Sweep Modes Linear,Log,Manual 
  • Trigger Modes Burst,Gate