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Fluke 8842A:

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Anite Mobile Test Accelerator, Anite 9000 $14925
Fluke 8842A Opts: 05, 09 $415
Fluke 8842A Opts: 05;09 $350

Fluke 8842A Main Features and Specifications

Fluke 8842A

Type  --  
Digits/Count  --  
Vdc Low Range 
Vdc High Range 
Basic Vdc Accuracy  --  
Measurements  --  
Status Discontinued
See also 8840A

The Fluke 8842A digital multimeter is a high-performance 5.5 digit instrument designed for general-purpose bench or systems applications. The 8842A is the top-of-the-line DMM in the 8840A family. Using proprietary thin film resistor networks, a stable reference amplifier and stable active components, the 8842A offers superior measurement performance and stability. It also offers additional 20 mV, 20 ohm, and 200 mA dc ranges.

  • Highly legible vacuum fluorescent display
  • Measurements: DCV, TRMS ACV (option), DCA, ACA (option), resistance
  • Intuitively easy front panel operation
  • DC voltage range: 20 mV to 1000 V
  • Basic dc accuracy of 0.003% for 1 year
  • TRMS AC voltage range: 200 mV to 700 V
  • DC current measurement
  • Current range: 200 mA to 2000 mA
  • 2-wire and 4-wire resistance measurement
  • Resistance range: 20 Ohms to 20 MOhms
  • Up to 100 readings per second
  • Autoranging
  • Overrange indication
  • Automatic settling time delay
  • Closed-case calibration (no internal adjustments)
  • Built-in self-tests
  • IEEE-488 interface option