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Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 86120C:

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Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 86120C (Multi-Wavelength Meter Family) Main Features and Specifications

Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 86120C

  Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies) 86120C Specs (131.3 KB)
Type  Laser  
Measurement Units  dBm, Watt  
Low end wavelength limit  1270 nm  
High end wavelength limit  1650 nm  
Power Range  Maximum safe input level: 18 dBm  
Accuracy  ±2 ppm absolute accuracy  
Status -
See also 86120B , 86122B
Agilent HP (Keysight Technologies)

The Agilent Multi-Wavelength Meter family 86120B, 86120C and 86122A models are the right, optimized tools to efficiently develop, manufacture, install and verify optical components and networks for next generation applications.

  • Wavelength scan in less than 0.5sec
  • Wavelength accuracy: +- 0.3 pm
  • High Laser Input power: 10dBm (18dBm - Safe Input level)
  • Advanced built-in measurement applications (Drift, OSNR, Data Logging, FP Laser Characterization)
  • Built-in HeNe laser wavelength standard