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Agilent 8405A:

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Agilent 8405A Agilent 8405A - Vector Vol $300
Agilent / HP 8405A Measures voltage vectors described by both magnitu Call
Keysight (Agilent/HP) 8405A Vector Voltmeter Measures voltage ve $295
Keysight Technologies , Agilent , HP , H 8405A VECTOR Call

Agilent 8405A (Vector Voltmeters) Main Features and Specifications

Agilent 8405A

  Agilent 8405A Specs (219.5 KB)
Status Discontinued
See also 8508A
  • Measures voltage vectors described by both magnitude and phase 
  • Ideal for almost any design and test application in the frequency range of 1 to 1000 MHz 
  • Measurement capabilities include insertion loss and group delay of passband-filters and other transmission devices, gain and phase margin of amplifiers, complex impedance of mixers, antennas, etc. 
  • Two channels allow for ratio measurements and phase difference between the two channels 
  • Gain or loss in excess of 90 dB and phase measurements with 0.1˚ resolution over a 360˚ phase range are possible
  • Option 002 provides Linear dB Scale